From the best of Broadway and ballet to thought-provoking collections and traveling exhibits, the arts come alive in Orlando — and often in ways you must witness to believe.

Immerse Yourself

Experience the arts in Orlando at grand performance halls, museums, galleries, intimate theaters and more.

    Teaching group at Rollins Museum of Art Laney Mae Velazquez

    Visit the Rollins Museum of Art, located on the historic Rollins College campus in Winter Park. Here you will find a collection that includes more than 5,700 works of art spanning hundreds of years.

    Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra (OPO) promotional images Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

    The Orlando Philharmonic seeks to be the wellspring of music in Central Florida - nourishing the soul of the community with music that speaks to, and sometimes for, each person. Accordingly, the hallmark of the orchestra is versatility.

    Orlando Aerial Arts performance at IMMERSE event in downtown Orlando., Creative City Project Photo by Creative City Project

    Creative City Project produces immersive, interactive experiences that will help awaken you to a life of creativity and adventure. The Orlando- grown organization’s collaborative productions have gained worldwide attention.

    Engage in a World of Wonder

    Become immersed in a captivating blend of traditional, contemporary and even never-before-seen artistry for you to explore, including many that are exclusive to The City Beautiful.

    Orlando Murals

    In Orlando, art is all around you — you just have to know where to look. Follow and tag @VisitOrlando to join the fun.

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    Use this interactive map to discover arts, culture and entertainment throughout Orlando.