Discover attractions, activities and experiences beyond the theme parks, including ecotourism, arts and culture, shopping, and so much more. There is no wrong way to do Orlando.

Authentic Orlando Starts Here

Orlando is the Theme Park Capital of the World — and so much more. See what else is waiting for you.

    From the best of Broadway and ballet to thought-provoking collections and traveling exhibits, the arts come alive in Orlando — and often in ways you must witness to believe. Prepare to be amazed.

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    Think you know Orlando? If you have only experienced our tourism districts, think again. Beyond the theme parks and attractions, authentic neighborhoods and nearby cities offer endless adventures.

    Orlando's natural beauty serves as the perfect counterbalance to our signature theme park fun. Get immersed in ecotours, natural springs, birding, nature trails, fishing, kayaking, airboat rides and lots of unforgettable thrills.

    Explore the Beyond

    Find new experiences around every corner in Orlando — and make a lifetime of cherished memories while you’re at it.

    Explore Orlando’s Diverse Culture

    Dreams come true in Orlando and for countless reasons — not the least of which is our commitment to creating wondrous adventures for all visitors.

    Explore Orlando’s Diverse Culture

    FusionFest 2022 Thuyvi Gates, & FusionFest

    Asian American

    Discover unique Asian American and Pacific Islander restaurants, shops and celebrations.

    FusionFest 2022 Thuyvi Gates, & FusionFest

    Hispanic & Latino

    Explore fascinating examples of Hispanic and Latino history and influence all over town.

    2021 Come Out With Pride Orlando parade couple Come Out With Pride Orlando


    Welcome to Orlando: an inclusive destination where dragons, coasters and Pride flags fly.

    Resources for Your Visit

    Stop dreaming of an Orlando getaway and make it a reality with our free trip-planning resources.

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    More to Explore

    You will never run out of one-of-a-kind adventures in Orlando. See what else is waiting to amaze you.