Get opening information for Orlando’s theme parks, attractions, hotels, transportation providers and other businesses following Hurricane Ian.

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Downloadable Orlando Maps

Welcome to Orlando! Between an easy-to-navigate highway system, commuter rail, and a complete range of public transportation and ride-share services, it’s easy to get around town — assuming you know where you’re going.

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To help you in that regard, we’ve put together free, downloadable maps designed to help you spend less time looking and more time doing while you’re in Orlando. The first gives an overview of the Orlando destination as a whole, and the rest spotlight International Drive, Lake Buena Vista, downtown Orlando and Kissimmee. These are the areas you’re most likely to visit, as they’re home to the lion’s share of the theme parks, attractions, dining, entertainment and other features that brought you to Orlando in the first place.

Want an even cooler way to explore Orlando? Check out the Orlando Virtual Tour! Compatible with computers, tablets, mobile devices and even virtual-reality headsets, it gives you the opportunity to see everything you’ll want to experience once you arrive. Best of all, it’s free!

Need more help finding your way around town? Contact our Vacation Planning Services. Our friendly, knowledgeable Vacation Planners will be happy to help you get where you’re going, and they can also provide you with trusted resources, answers to your questions, discounted theme park and attraction tickets from Visit Orlando powered by, and much more. Best of all, their assistance is always free!