Get ready for a wild — and wet — ride at SeaWorld Orlando's pulse-pounding Infinity Falls (pictured; ©SeaWorld).

Experience one of the most immersive adventures yet at SeaWorld® Orlando with a truly thrilling ride with lots of fun for all ages: Infinity Falls. Here's our guide to the wild raft adventure that sends you careening through a rainforest utopia — and the world's tallest waterfall drop!

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Inside Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando

Before you head down Infinity Falls' lost jungle river, you'll need to board a raft — and with room for eight passengers, these vessels are big enough for the whole gang! Considering what's waiting for you, you'll definitely want backup, but keep in mind that riders must be at least 42 inches tall to experience Infinity Falls.

From there, you'll journey downriver through the remains of an ancient civilization, winding your way around fountains and waterfalls. After making it past the river's white-water rapids, you'll face the final challenge: an innovative, elevator-style tower that sets you up for a record-setting, 40-foot waterfall drop.

Speaking of which, one word of warning: You will get wet on this ride! Of course, getting soaked can provide some welcome relief from the heat if you're visiting during Orlando's warmer months.

"From the excitement of the thrilling rapids, to the unique vertical lift element, Infinity Falls is an adventure that appeals to the entire family," says Mark Pauls, president of SeaWorld Orlando Parks.

Infinity Falls also delivers more than excitement, as it teaches about the importance of freshwater conservation via interactive games and storytelling throughout the ride experience. And once your journey concludes at peaceful Harmony Village, you'll have the chance to take on the role of a conservationist as you explore the surrounding rainforest.

More to Explore at SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Infinity Falls is the newest reason to visit SeaWorld Orlando, but the theme park has a lot more in store for you. From thrilling roller coasters like Kraken and Manta, to amazing animal encounters such as Dolphin Nursery and Turtle Trek, to immersive experiences at Wild Arctic and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, there's never a dull moment at SeaWorld.

Aquatica® Orlando ihu breakaway falls
Aquatica® Orlando (©United Parks & Resorts)

Right across the street from SeaWorld, Aquatica® Orlando, offers equal parts excitement and relaxation. Nearby, SeaWorld's Discovery Cove® is an all-inclusive day resort where you can frolic with wildlife — including the chance to swim with dolphins — and luxuriate on white, sandy beaches while enjoying complimentary food and beverages throughout your stay.

While you're in the Orlando area, keep in mind that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and the Adventure Island water park are about 90 minutes from SeaWorld on Florida's west coast. Operated by United Parks & Resorts (formerly SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment), both offer thrilling rides, making them a perfect complement to SeaWorld's parks in Orlando — particularly when you factor in unforgettable animal experiences at Busch Garden like the 65-acre, open-air Serengeti Safari. No one will believe you were in Florida when they see those photos!

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