SeaWorld Orlando has released new details about its upcoming Mako hypercoaster.

SeaWorld® Orlando has released new details about the most recent addition to the park's arsenal of over-the-top thrill coasters. Mako will be a shark-themed "hypercoaster" reaching heights of 200 feet (61 m) and top speeds of 73 mph (117.48 km/h) on a nearly mile-long track. Opening in Orlando in summer 2016, the ride will accompany an expanded shark-themed area surrounding the existing Shark Encounter attraction.

A hypercoaster is any roller coaster with a height or drop measuring greater than 200 feet. The apex drop on Mako will take riders to this height, towering above the adjacent roller coaster, Kraken, which stands at 149 feet (45.4 m) tall.

With a top speed of 73 mph, this ride will provide guests with an unprecedented number of weightless moments or, as SeaWorld's ride designers call it, "air time." At this speed, riders will fly faster than the park's newest thrill ride, Manta, which has a top speed of 56 mph (90 km/h).

Built with 4,760 feet of steel track, the coaster will be longest ride in Orlando, surpassing the current title holder, Disney's Expedition Everest, at 4,424 ft (1,348 m).

As part of the new attraction, SeaWorld will be reimagining the area that includes the park's classic attraction, Shark Encounter. The 2-acre "Shark Realm" will be fully themed around sharks, including immersive shark and shipwreck theming along with educational experiences that are true to SeaWorld's animal care mission.

Keep checking back for updates about the construction of the ride as the frenzy builds toward its grand opening in summer of 2016.

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