Hang loose and get stoked for Pipeline: The Surf Coaster (pictured, ©SeaWorld), an all-new, first-of-its-kind experience and the seventh roller coaster at SeaWorld® Orlando.

Updated May 31, 2023

Calling all surfers, kooks, groms, hodads and even people who have yet to set foot on a beach — waves are ready to ride at SeaWorld® Orlando courtesy of Pipeline: The Surf Coaster. The first coaster of its kind and the seventh overall at SeaWorld’s main theme park — aka the Coaster Capital of Orlando — officially launched on May 27, 2023, and we have a look at what to expect. Line up and prepare to hit the lip of the world’s first Surf Coaster, only at SeaWorld Orlando.

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All Waves, No Wipeouts on Pipeline: The Surf Coaster


No matter how many roller coasters you’ve ridden, we can guarantee that you haven’t experienced anything quite like Pipeline. Paying homage to legendary surfing cultures throughout the world, this coaster features unique surfboard ride vehicles that are designed to replicate the thrilling sensation of riding waves. Climb aboard and take an upright position, just like a pro surfer.


Speaking of which, heads up that there’s no sitting on Pipeline — you’ll be in a standing position (and sometimes jumping) the entire time. You and your group will also need to be at least 54 inches (137 cm) tall and no taller than 78 inches (198 cm) to experience the attraction. As this coaster offers extreme thrills, several other physical requirements apply. Check with SeaWorld for complete details ahead of your visit.


Once you start, you’ll barrel along a 2,950-foot track at speeds up to 60 mph and hitting heights of 110 feet. It’s a gnarly journey filled with twists, turns, drops and five airtime lifts that include a hair-raising “wave curl” inversion. Cowabunga! These elements combine to provide a truly unique sensation — especially during big jumps. (Travel tip: Despite the standing position and kinetic action, the ride is surprisingly easy on the knees.)


Perhaps needless to say given that description, Pipeline is designed to thrill and impress even the most daring of riders. As a result, and given its physical requirement, the new ride might not be for everyone. Those who brave it will earn some bragging rights, and everyone else can look forward to SeaWorld’s six other roller coasters.

Make a Splash at SeaWorld® Orlando

Girls walking past the Manta Rollercoaster at SeaWorld Orlando
Manta at SeaWorld® Orlando

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster is Orlando’s newest thrill, but it’s not the only reason why you’ll want to make SeaWorld part of your getaway plans. Amazing visitors since 1973, their main theme park is known for extraordinary animal encounters and one-of-a-kind rides. They also offer a full range of annual events, including the Seven Seas Food Festival, Howl-o-Scream, SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular and SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration.

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Riptide Race at Aquatica® Orlando
Riptide Race at SeaWorld® Orlando

While you’re in the Orlando area, keep SeaWorld’s other local parks in mind. A world-class water park, Aquatica® Orlando offers excitement and relaxation in equal measures. It also features the brand-new Reef Plunge attraction with a new children’s play area, Turi’s Kid Cove, opening in May 2023, among other ways to play.

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Discovery Cove® in Orlando

Enjoy still more tranquility and amazing animals at Discovery Cove®. The all-inclusive day resort (including unlimited alcohol for guests 21 and up) gives you the chance to frolic with a wide range of aquatic animals — up to and including swimming with dolphins. Many other upgrades are available.

Adventure Island lazy river woman
Adventure Island Near Orlando

SeaWorld has even more entertainment options a little over an hour away on Florida’s west coast: Adventure Island and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Add them all up, and it’s easy to spend a full week or more exploring SeaWorld’s parks the next time you come to Orlando.

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