Instagram influencer Christina Petsos is back with nine decadently delicious Orlando desserts you’ll simply need to see — and eat — to believe (milkshakes at JoJo’s ShakeBAR pictured).

For the longest time, Orlando was not known for unique food options. Fast-forward to 2024, and everything has changed. We now have a constantly growing culinary scene with talented chefs, MICHELIN restaurants — and over-the-top desserts.

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With the constant addition of new restaurants, everyone is trying to figure out how to stay in the minds of the public. I personally cannot think of a better way to catch the eye than a mouthwatering dessert. I found quite a few that wowed me, and I’m here to share them with you.

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Ultimate Chocolate Sphere at The Venetian Chop House & Signature Chocolate Sports Ball Smash at Stadium Club | Caribe Royale Orlando

The Venetian Chop House is an upscale steakhouse at Caribe Royale Orlando that has been around for a long time. When one thinks of it, steak is typically what comes to mind. What you may not know is that they have an incredible dessert that comes with a tableside show: the Ultimate Chocolate Sphere.

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This dessert is flambeed tableside with caramel liquor, one of my favorite things to watch. It is chewy caramel, chocolate ganache and chocolate crunch gelato. This divine dessert is created by Executive Pastry Chef Joshua Cain, who specializes in chocolate and can mold it into unique shapes. I ate the whole thing by myself because, well, it was just that good.

Stadium Club recently opened inside Caribe Royale, and it is proving to already be a hit. This world-class entertainment restaurant and lounge feels like you are in a stadium. TVs line every inch of the walls, and there are lots of lights and multiple sports simulator bays. You can play over 20 different games to include, but not limited to, golf, basketball, baseball, soccer and zombie dodgeball.

The menu is elevated bar food and I truly loved everything I tried. Stadium Club has a fun dessert that is a Chocolate Sports Ball Smash. It is a chocolate shell that can be molded into a sports ball like a basketball, football or baseball upon request. You have to smash the chocolate with a mallet to get to the chocolate cake inside. I love interactive desserts and this one hits the mark (literally).

Campfire S’mores at Descend 21 | Hyatt Regency Orlando

Descend 21 at Hyatt Regency Orlando has easily become one of my favorite places on International Drive. I don’t really feel like I am in the tourism district, which I love. The food here is fantastic, which keeps me coming back, but this restaurant is more than just food: It is a whole entertainment lounge with a poolside view.

They also have a tableside Campfire S’mores dessert that is so much fun! They bring out a tray with everything you need to make s’mores, complete with the marshmallows already on the skewers and a lit fire. This is the perfect date-night dessert. It’s hard to go wrong with a s’more.

The Supernova at Aurora | The Celeste Hotel, Orlando, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel

For an over-the-top dessert near the University of Central Florida (UCF), check out Aurora at The Celeste. This galaxy-themed restaurant has some great food options, but I am a huge fan of the Supernova.

This is a dark chocolate balloon dome that is drizzled with rum-flamed caramel. The hot caramel melts the chocolate to reveal a Ghirardelli brownie topped with raspberries and vanilla bean ice cream. The brownie is gooey and warm, and it’s hard to beat! This is the perfect dessert for a celebration, date night or honestly any reason you want at all. It is truly delicious.

Sundae el Carnaval at Kavas Tacos + Tequila & Crazy Milkshakes at JoJo’s ShakeBAR | Pointe Orlando

Kavas Tacos + Tequila, still in its first year of opening, has drawn quite the crowd from its strong presence on social media, creative modern Tex Mex dishes with a twist like birria fries, a 3-foot-long taco board, and churro donut holes. It is located at Pointe Orlando and is one of the few restaurants on International Drive that is independently owned and operated by a local family.

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An over-the-top dessert lives at Kavas, called the Sundae el Carnaval. It is a giant sundae with churros, brownies, cookies, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, salted caramel ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, toasted marshmallows and sprinkles. You may need one or two people to help you finish it, but no judgment here if you can eat it all on your own! You can even request this dessert to come with a sparkler, perfect for any celebration — it is always a fiesta at Kavas.

JoJo’s at Pointe Orlando was one of my most anticipated openings in 2023, as I have been a big fan of the original Chicago location. They are known for not being a diet spot, serving up comfort food and over-the-top crazy shakes. They have permanent shake options, along with seasonal milkshakes and usually one or two options for every holiday. I have tried almost every single flavor, and they always hit when I am craving a milkshake.

I would have to say my favorite flavor so far has been the Chocolate Nirvana. It is a chocolate Oreo shake with a double chocolate donut hole, a double chocolate marshmallow and a chocolate chip cookie. JoJo’s also has milkshake options like cotton candy, caramel toffee, banana peanut butter, strawberry banana and Andes mint. There are options for non-dairy drinkers, too, like the Nada Milkshake. I am surprised by how much I enjoyed this banana Oreo vegan shake. Don’t skip out on their hot chocolates either, as they are just as outrageous as the milkshakes.

Brick Toast at Krungthep Tea Time | Winter Park

Nestled in a small building in Winter Park off Fairbanks Ave is Krungthep Tea Time. The atmosphere is super cute with an extensive tea menu. They are well known for their sandwiches and their over-the-top brick toast.

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Brick toast is an Asian dessert traditionally made with milk bread. It is a sugary, custard toast that is often served with honey or can be loaded up with things like fruit, chocolate and more. Krungthep offers the traditional honey one, but also have ones like my favorite, the Ferrero Rocher, which is served with chocolate fudge brownie gelato. You will also find brick toasts that have Nutella, matcha, Thai tea ice cream, cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream, strawberries, and more.

Mini Chocolate Pinata at The Ganachery | Disney Springs® at Walt Disney World® Resort

The Ganachery is one of my favorite Disney Springs® hidden gems. All the chocolate here is handmade daily. It is located across from Paradiso 37 and is a small shop. Every now and then there is a line to get in, mainly on weekend evenings. They have items like individual chocolates, a hand-carved Millennium Falcon chocolate lollipop, smores, chocolate drinks and more.

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The biggest draw for me here are the seasonal Mini Chocolate Pinatas. They have a new one for every holiday. Sometimes the flavor of the chocolates inside the pinata are themed to the holiday, too. For example, the Valentine’s Day one had strawberry chocolates and the Christmas one had peppermint. Make sure to look on the description for the flavor.

It is so fun to get one of these pinatas and smash it! I usually will smash it immediately or wait till I get home and freeze it first, as it can melt while walking around. They do give you an ice pack to keep it from melting, though. I highly recommend checking this spot out the next time you are at Disney Springs.

And last but not least…

The Kitchen Sink at The Kitchen | Hard Rock Hotel® at Universal Orlando Resort

Hard Rock Hotel, located at Universal Orlando Resort, is a huge resort and it might take you a minute to find The Kitchen, but it is oh so worth it. It has some great lunch and dinner options, but there are times I come here just for the dessert. In particular, The Kitchen Sink is the biggest slice of cake I have ever consumed, and possibly ever seen in person.

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It is seven giant layers of cake: chocolate, vanilla chiffon, vanilla cheesecake, pecan pie, chocolate chunk cookie, peanut butter crunch and brownie. Then it is topped with ganache and whipped cream and served with chocolate and caramel syrups. Each slice is two and a half pounds. Did I finish the whole thing in one sitting? No chance. Bring people with you to share this monstrosity.

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The question that remains: Is it tasty? Yep! I was surprised by how good the cake itself was. It is not just for gimmicks. This is one of those food bucket-list items you must try once in your life. You can participate in their challenge, which includes this slice of cake and their burger. If you can finish both, you deserve the crown.

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