Race into the all-new LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort.

Racers, start your engines! LEGO® and Ferrari fans of all ages can speed towards the checkered flag in the newly opened LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort. This hands-on, interactive experience invites you to use your creativity and build your own LEGO Ferrari completely out of LEGO bricks and other LEGO elements — let’s get moving.

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Inside LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race

Images of new LEGOLAND Ferrari experience
Get Behind the Wheel of a Life-Size LEGO® Ferrari Model

Young racers and their parents can gain inspiration for their Ferrari creations from the world’s only life-size LEGO Ferrari 296 GTS model, which welcomes you into the attraction’s “garage.” The model is made with 424,000 LEGO elements and took 1,850 hours to construct.

A talented “pit crew” of designers, Master Model Builders and animators used their talents to ensure that every detail of the LEGO model matched the real Ferrari model. At 15-feet long, 7 1/2-feet wide and 4-feet tall, the model weighs 2 tons and features working headlights, a car door that can open, and a roaring engine.

The coolest part of this life-size LEGO Ferrari? You can actually climb into the driver’s seat and experience what it would be like to sit behind the wheel in one of these LEGO racecars.

Build Your Own LEGO® Ferrari

Images of new LEGOLAND Ferrari experience
Racers Can Create and Test Their Dream Car

After checking out the life-size model, you can head to the building stations where you can choose from thousands of LEGO pieces and build your dream LEGO Ferrari. The three build-and-test centers within the attraction each feature a racetrack, a jump track and an engine-testing track.

Each track has unique obstacles and challenges, and measures each car’s race-time by using real-life racing sensors. You and your family can race your cars against one another and then adjust your designs to get faster times.

Images of new LEGOLAND Ferrari experience
Build Zone 2 at LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race

Younger racers have a special area just for them where they can build their Ferrari using LEGO DUPLO® pieces. These bigger blocks are perfect for smaller kids to use alongside their imagination.

Go for a Test Drive

Images of new LEGOLAND Ferrari experience
Test Zone 1 at LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race

After you are finished with your model, you can digitally scan your car and virtually race it around several tracks. Once your car is digitally uploaded, you can customize it further, changing the engine size, tires, power and aerodynamics. You can also add fun personal elements to it, from personalizing the license plate to adding stickers.

On the digital racetracks, you can use touchpads to boost acceleration and change lanes, all in an effort to have the fastest time on the track. These tracks are based on the ones that are used to test real Ferraris in Italy, and each features different elements. Even the weather conditions change from track to track!

Images of new LEGOLAND Ferrari experience
Hit the Road in the Virtual Race Zone

Once you finish your race, make sure to check out the leaderboards to see how your Ferrari did against the competition. The leaderboards are updated in real time, so you can come back again and again to try to beat your previous times.

This experience is unlike any other attraction at LEGOLAND and provides a unique experience every different time that you visit. Join in on the Ferrari celebration, and make sure to make a “pit stop” at the LEGO Ferrari Build & Race on your next trip to LEGOLAND.

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