Top 5 Halloween Horror Nights Moments of All Time at Universal Orlando

Mike Aiello's Top 5 HHN Moments Title

Halloween Horror Nights has been giving guests at Universal Orlando Resort serious cases of the heebie jeebies for 25 years with over the top haunted houses and horrifying creatures. This annual event running now through Nov. 1, 2015 makes Halloween in Orlando one of the most popular destinations for frightful Halloween fun in the U.S. The event's creative director, Mike Aiello shares his top moments over the last 25 years.

Visit Orlando got an exclusive interview with Aiello and asked him about his top five favorite moments in the history of HHN. There wouldn't be a better person to share his/her five top favorite moments than him; not only because he is a huge movie fan, but because of his vast entertainment experience with Universal Studios Resort.

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From a skipper in the ride Jaws in 1996, to performing in various shows like The Blues Brothers, Aiello has worked his way to being fully immersed as a writer and a Creative Director in the most intense scenes from Universal's frightening event, Halloween Horror Nights, and much more. He surprises guests and keeps them coming back every year to this epic Halloween celebration.

#5. The People Under the Stairs

Mike Aiello's Top 5 HHN Moments People Under The Stairs

Aiello's kicks off his top five favorite HHN moments with his memory of the The People Under the Stairs maze. Inspired by Wes Craven's ‘90s film, trying to escape from evil and sadistic landlords was the only option to avoid getting kidnapped to then get locked you up in their house cellar.

#4. Working With John Landis on An American Werewolf in London House

Mike Aiello's Top 5 HHN Moments American Warewolf in London

Being the brain behind all these terrifying experiences has its perks, and of course one of them is getting to work directly with film geniuses like John Landis. Aiello lists working with director and writer of An American Werewolf in London, as his fourth HHN favorite moments. The 1981 film inspired house is still a fan-favorite and it returns this year. Be ready to get transported back to the English moors, where a ferocious bone-crunching pack of wolfs waits for you.

#3. "Air-Walls" from Havoc 2: Derailed

Mike Aiello's Top 5 HHN Moments Air Walls

For number three, Ailleo shared his amusement for "air-walls" that were part of the Havoc 2: Derailed house in Halloween Horror Nights 2013. It featured a derailed military convoy that secretly transported the "Dogs of War" - a genetically engineered super soldier outfit that transforms combatants into bloodthirsty maniacs.

#2. The Chainsaw Drill Teams

Mike Aiello's Top 5 HHN Moments Chainsaw Drill Team

The Drill teams with chainsaws in 1998 makes number two on the list of Aiello's five top favorite memories. Those chainsaws sounds are hard to forget and people that have witnessed the Drill team madness, still sure get goosebumps from revisiting those memories. A staple in Universal's fear-inducing arsenal since the 4th installment of Halloween Horror Nights, as it's catalogued by the resort.

#1. The Nightmare on Elm St. Façade

Mike Aiello's Top 5 HHN Moments Elm Street House

The Nightmare on Elm St. façade was first launched in HHN 17 and now the horrifying film is back to haunt all guests attending Halloween Horror Nights this year. The house where the incarnation of the evil murderer, Freddy Kruger, lived, makes Aiello's number one favorite moment HHN of all time.

Halloween Horror Nights, America's premier Halloween event is back at Universal Orlando Resort, and this year it is fully loaded with terrifying experiences for its 25th year. Jack the Clown returns for 30 nights of mayhem, thrilled to take away lots of scares from you with all his deadly followers that will appear in your worst nightmares. With nine terrifying houses, five scare zones and 2 outrageous shows, Halloween Horror Nights 25 guarantees to be the biggest and scariest event ever. Click here for tickets.

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