Enjoy family-friendly thrills at affordable prices when you visit Fun Spot America in Orlando and Kissimmee (Headrush 360 pictured).

With locations in Orlando and Kissimmee, Fun Spot America has been providing affordable, family-friendly fun for 25 years and counting. Here’s a look at everything there is to see and do at both amusement parks, and why you’ll want to check them out the next time you’re in Orlando.

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Fun Spot America: Twice the Locations, Twice the Fun

Although they share a name, Fun Spot’s Central Florida locations offer distinct experiences for visitors, and each park has some exclusive rides. However, both parks’ attractions are grouped into parallel categories: Thrill Rides, Coasters, Family Rides, Kiddie Rides, Go-Karts and the Arcade Midway. Best of all, parking and admission are totally free, with attractions available on an a-la-carte or day-pass basis, for a fully customizable and budget-friendly experience.

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View of rides including Rip Curl at Fun Spot America Theme Parks Orlando
Fun Spot America in Orlando’s International Drive Entertainment District

Fun Spot Orlando

For high-octane fun in Orlando’s tourism districts, head to Fun Spot Orlando on the north end of International Drive. Surrounded by incredible shopping, dining and hotels, Fun Spot Orlando delivers high-speed thrills, family-friendly fun, and unbeatable views of the surrounding theme parks.

Fun Spot Kissimmee

Located just outside Orlando near Walt Disney World® Resort, Fun Spot Kissimmee offers record-setting thrills, including the world’s tallest SkyCoaster and the only wooden coaster in Florida to go upside down. It’s adjacent to another iconic Kissimmee attraction, the Old Town Entertainment District.

Gravity-Defying Thrills at Fun Spot

Fun Spot America white lightning coaster
White Lightning at Fun Spot Orlando

At Fun Spot Orlando, thrill seekers can start at White Lightning, Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster, before soaring on the Freedom Flyer, a suspended steel coaster. Want to up the ante? Take a spin on Fun Spot Kissimmee’s Mine Blower Coaster, the only wooden coaster in Florida to go upside down.

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True adrenaline junkies can also mimic the sensation of bungee-jumping or skydiving from the world’s tallest SkyCoaster at Fun Spot Kissimmee. This daring, 300-foot-tall attraction is the only place in the world to offer a seated Sky Sled option in addition to the traditional harness. Wondering where the world’s second-tallest SkyCoaster is? Fun Spot Orlando, where you can tug the rip cord and soar from 250 feet.

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Liberty Swing ride at Fun Spot America Theme Parks Orlando
Liberty Swing at Fun Spot Orlando

Additional thrills at Fun Spot Orlando include a 90-foot-tall Liberty Swing ride; the gravity-defying Enterprise wheel; Headrush 360, which spins you around, sideways and every other way you can imagine; Hot Seat, a pendulum-style ride that rocks you high into the air; and the dizzying Rip Curl attraction, whose rollicking waves mimic the ocean as it spins you in circles.

Fun Spot Kissimmee-exclusive attractions include Screaming Eagles, a suspended swing ride with cars that sway freely as you spin; Galaxy Spin, a wild mouse-style coaster; a 5-story Hurricane coaster; and the brand-new Rock & Roll attraction, which spins you up and down as rock music blasts. You’ll also find duplicates of Fun Spot Orlando’s Headrush 360 and Hot Seat rides for double the fun.

Fun Spot Go-Karts

Fun Spot America Theme Parks Orlando go karts
Fun Spot Orlando Go-Karts

Careen through multiple levels of fun in Fun Spot’s one and two-seater go-karts. At Fun Spot Orlando, choose from four course types featuring double and quad corkscrews, extreme road course tracks, racing-style sprint tracks, and more thrilling features.

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At Fun Spot Kissimmee, put your pedal to the metal on the 40-foot-tall Vortex track, which features the world’s steepest banking curve, before speeding through the Chaos Track. Fun Spot’s double-seater go-karts enable little ones 36 inches and up to ride when accompanied by an adult.

Family Rides & Kiddie Rides at Fun Spot

Aerial view of Fun Spot America Theme Parks Orlando
Fun Spot Orlando

Ready for some family fun? The young and young at heart can play together with classic amusement park attractions and arcade games at both Central Florida Fun Spot locations, including the Carousel, Bumper Cars, Tilt-A-Whirl, Ferris Wheel, classic Midway games, and an Arcade. Throw in a 3-story funhouse, Bumper Boats, and the Scramblur at Fun Spot Orlando, or the Yo-Yo swings, flying Paratrooper, and suspense-filled Screamer at Fun Spot Kissimmee for a day of non-stop fun.

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Kids can also enjoy a world of fun designed just for them aboard the Frog Hopper, Fun Slide and serpent-themed kiddie coasters at both locations. They are joined by tea cups, kiddie swings and a Super Trucks ride at Fun Spot Orlando, while Kiddie Bumper Cars, soaring Baron Planes, a Scooby “Boo” obstacle course, and a spinning car-themed Convoy await at Fun Spot Kissimmee. Fun Spot Orlando also has an all-ages splash pad, with cabana rentals available if you want to escape the sun.

Gator Spot at Fun Spot Orlando

Fun Spot America gators
See Alligators, Exotic Birds and More Native Florida Wildlife at Fun Spot Orlando’s Gator Spot

Take a break from Fun Spot’s thrilling attractions to visit Gator Spot, exclusive to Fun Spot Orlando. Offered in partnership with Gatorland, “The Alligator Capital of the World,” this gentle wildlife exhibit features alligators, exotic birds and other native Florida wildlife, including an extremely rare leucistic gator with white skin and deep blue eyes.

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