What's New at SeaWorld® Resort

Prepare for a tidal wave of new thrills and exciting encounters fit for the whole family at SeaWorld Orlando this year. Throughout 2017, SeaWorld Orlando will introduce a variety of interactive and first-of-its-kind attractions for you to enjoy.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling twists and turns of the park’s first virtual reality roller coaster, Kraken®. Get face-to-face with playful dolphin calves at the improved Dolphin Nursery. Witness the magic of the underwater world during Electric Ocean, a new summer night spectacular. Whether you prefer fast-paced thrills or unique ocean animal encounters, there’s no better destination for the adventurous animal lover to explore.

Jaw-dropping Rides for Adventure Seekers

    Kraken Virtual Realty Roller Coaster
  • Kraken Virtual Realty (VR) Roller Coaster

    Get up close and personal with fabled sea creatures of the deep as you dive into the new and improved Kraken roller coaster. The floorless roller coaster is being transformed into Florida’s first virtual reality coaster utilizing new technology for one-of-a-kind sensory thrills opening in summer 2017. During the ride, you’ll participate in an imaginative deep-sea mission complete with a multitude of sea creatures, the mythical Kraken among them.

  • Mako™

    Plunge into the depths on Mako, Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster, which opened to roaring success in summer 2016. Plummet from 200 feet in the air, twisting and turning throughout the 4,760 foot-long roller coaster track while reaching speeds up to 73mph. This heart-pounding ride mimics the speed, coordination, and predatory drive of the ocean’s fastest shark and is best fit for the ultimate adrenaline seeker. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Immersive Shows and Encounters for Animal Lovers

  • Electric Ocean

    Witness the illuminating magic of the sea through Electric Ocean, a brand new after dark show beginning in summer 2017. Summer nights will come alive with the nighttime spectacle of bioluminescent lights, energetic music, and live performances transporting you to a vibrant underwater world. Play by day, and relax in awe once the sun goes down.

  • Dolphin Days

    Ideal for the dolphin lover in your family, the new Dolphin Days show at the Dolphin Theatre made its first splash April 1, 2017. Audiences of all ages will love the performance, which showcases individuality, the playful nature of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, and the bond between dolphin and trainer. This playful addition to SeaWorld Orlando’s lineup will replace the prior Blue Horizons performance.

  • Dolphin Nursery Improvements

    Get face time with adorable mother and baby dolphins this year in the re-imagined Dolphin Nursery. The Dolphin Nursery is becoming even more interactive in 2017, with new windows for closer viewing and multiple levels for spotting curious dolphin calves. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness mother and baby dolphins interacting from new perspectives.

  • Nautilus Theatre

    Fresh entertainment is on its way to the Nautilus Theatre with a brand new dedicated summer show. Prepare to be wowed when the new show makes its debut Memorial Day weekend 2017, just in time to kick off summer.

Delicious Dining Additions

  • Seven Seas Food Festival

    Don’t miss your chance to feast on worldly fare at The Seven Seas Food Festival, a foodie dream featuring a variety of Asian, Latin, European, Polynesian, and Middle Eastern dishes and select craft beers. Cinnamon slow roasted pork belly, Korean beef tacos, ahi tuna tartar, and marshmallow & Nutella empanadas are just a few of the dishes being offered. This new festival occurs through May 13, 2017. Entrance to the festival is included with regular park admission.

  • Flamecraft Bar

    Sip on a craft brew and indulge in new flavors at the Flamecraft Bar, opening summer 2017. The new bar area will offer 16 seasonal craft beers, a food menu, and a relaxed atmosphere along the water. This is the ideal place for adults to stop and relax for a few moments during a fun filled day.

Additional Improvements

  • Aquatica Pass Member Pavillion

    SeaWorld Orlando Annual Pass Members are in for a treat this spring at Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Water Park™ Orlando. The Aquatica Pass Member Pavillion, opening in spring of 2017, invites pass members to partake in private animal encounters along with several other benefits, such as a private entrance to Banana Beach, concierge service, free sunscreen, and more.


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