15 Reasons Why Staying at LEGOLAND® Hotel is a Win!

legoland hotel welcome exterior

  1. Location
  2. For starters, it’s conveniently located at the front gates of LEGOLAND®. You couldn’t get any closer if you tried. This makes it supremely easy to head back to your room for a much-need nap or dip in the pool. Plus, parking is free.

  3. The Ginormous Green Dragon
  4. Perched atop the clock tower entrance, a green smoke-breathing dragon both surprises and welcomes you. Constructed out of more than 445,000 LEGO® bricks and weighing in at 2,800 pounds, he’s become the hotel’s iconic mascot.

  5. The Lobby
  6. Designed for wonder and awe, the lobby does not disappoint. It’s a LEGO® lover’s haven. Where else could you find two LEGO® pits with tons of LEGO®s ready for building and playing? And that’s not all––kids can play in the LEGO® Castle, watch movies in the LEGO® Club Room and check out the 5,000 LEGO® minifigures featured along a wall behind the check-in desk.

  7. LEGO® Characters
  8. A little girl posing with a LEGO character There’s no need to file into a line to meet LEGO® characters. Staying onsite ensures you’ll run into LEGO® characters who intermittently walk about the lobby. It makes photo opportunities and meet-and-greets fun and spontaneous––something they should be.

  9. A Treasure Hunt!
  10. There’s something magical about the unexpected. This fun surprise just proves everything is designed to delight kids, even the little extras. Open the door to your hotel room and discover a special treasure hunt setup complete with a treasure box, clues to unlocking it and clever keepsake treasures inside it.

  11. Themed Rooms
  12. Kids lying down in a bunk bed in LEGOLAND's adventure room Forget your typical hotel room, kid-friendly style reigns supreme at LEGOLAND® Hotel. Each room is uniquely themed with one of four themes: Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure or LEGO® Friends. Beyond cleverly designed décor, kids will discover at least eight LEGO® models and a bucket of LEGO® bricks for building and playing. Added perk: Bunk beds in every room!

  13. Brick Building Classes
  14. Sign your kids up for a master building session as soon as you arrive. Sessions are popular and fill up fast. It’s a great way to build and dream up new creations. Additionally, the LEGO® instructor will assist every kid in creating their own special LEGO® creature.

  15. Disco-Themed Elevator
  16. As soon as the elevator doors shut, the dance music plays and the disco ball begins to spin. Suddenly, an elevator ride becomes your very own a dance party! Of course, once the elevator stops then the elevator music returns as if nothing had ever happened. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

  17. LEGOLAND® Newspaper
  18. Every morning a LEGOLAND® newspaper will appear outside your door. It’s the kind of cute novelty that everyone in the family will enjoy. Besides LEGOLAND® stories, it’s also packed with activities to keep kids amused.

  19. Breakfast Buffet
  20. A delicious breakfast buffet at Bricks Family Restaurant is included with your stay. Of course, things are reinvented to appeal to kids. Yes, there’s even a special kid-sized buffet line. Be on the lookout for LEGO® characters too.

  21. Fire Pit Fun
  22. S’more kits are available for purchase if you want to unwind outdoors. Roasting marshmallows and assembling s’mores under the stars is the one way to end an already terrific day.

  23. Walking Trail
  24. Stroll along the walking trail on the boardwalk overlooking Lake Eloise. It’s cleverly designed with LEGO® inspired outdoor themes. Make a game of it and count how many LEGO® surprises you encounter along the way.

  25. Pool and Splashground
  26. girl floating in a pool with legos floating around her What’s not to love about a zero-entry pool with lifeguards, LEGO® themed flotation devices and oversized floating LEGO® bricks? Toddlers will adore the splashground, the perfect play area, located near the pool. Parents can treat themselves to the Skyline Lounge bar service, even kids can enjoy kiddie cocktails like Shirley Temples.

  27. Nightly Shows & Activities
  28. There’s never a shortage of entertainment. Fun-loving staff members coordinate nightly shows, building competitions, pajamas parties and more for the younger set.

  29. Early Entrance to Park
  30. LEGOLAND® Hotel guests can enter the park 30 minutes before the official opening.


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