Love and Learn: Outdoor Adventure

Here in the heart of Florida — a state named for flowers and sunshine — Orlando’s natural beauty serves as the perfect counterbalance to our signature theme park fun. Ecotours, natural springs, birding, nature trails, fishing, kayaking, airboat rides and lots of thrills are some of the many options for exploring Orlando’s great outdoors, both in Orange County and in neighboring regions.

Whether peacefully paddling through spring-fed lakes or hang-gliding 2,000 feet above orange groves, visitors can explore a wide variety of lush ecosystems, all within driving distance of our tourism district. And while they’re diving into our ecotourism adventures, your customers can take confidence in the fact that public parks, airboat operators, zip-line attractions and related businesses are prioritizing guest safety with enhanced health and sanitization measures.

Immerse yourself in Orlando’s great outdoors by watching the video, then take the quiz to be entered to win this week’s amazing prizes. Help your clients get out there and enjoy it all in Orlando!