Museum of Illusions Orlando

With over 50 exhibits, Museum of Illusions offers more mind-twisting, eye-tricking fun under one roof than any other edutainment destination in Central Florida. 

Explore the fascinating world of mental perception—and deception—at Orlando’s newest must-see, must-share destination, the Museum of Illusions. With more than 50 amazing exhibits, the experience will fool your eyes, trick your mind and teach you all about the amazing brain science behind the illusions. 

You’ll leave with a whole new appreciation for your awesome imagination! 


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Phone: (386) 256-1001 or  833-541-0992

ICON Park™ 8441 International Drive, Suite #250, Orlando FL 32819

Sunday 11AM – 8PM

Monday 12PM – 8PM

Tuesday 12PM – 8PM

Wednesday 12PM – 8PM

Thursday 12PM – 8PM

Friday 12PM – 9PM

Saturday 11AM – 10PM