Bohemian Hotel Celebration

700 Bloom StreetCelebration, FL 34747
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Engage with eloquence and captivate with charm at The Bohemian Hotel Celebration.

This chic lakeside retreat allows guests to experience all of Orlando's excitement while providing a sophisticated, intimate sanctuary of 115 guest rooms. The serene town setting along with the luxurious amenities of a boutique hotel lend to one of a kind experiences and events. Lakefront breezes under a starlit sky add to the romance of your cocktail hour; while exquisite and alluring ballrooms serve as the backdrop to your masterpiece wedding. Entranced by our scenery of gilded twigs, shimmering crystals and the splendor of Florida's natural beauty, both you and your guests will create cherished memories of your wedding.

Experience the perfect blend of elegance, style & serenity at the Bohemian Hotel Celebration.