People screaming and having fun while riding on the Manta roller coaster, in SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld® Orlando

Must-See Attractions at SeaWorld® Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando opened its first Orlando theme park in 1973. In the more than four decades since, it’s expanded to include a water park, Aquatica® Orlando, and one of the most unique attractions you’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting, Discovery Cove®. All three focus on aquatic animals, SeaWorld’s ongoing efforts to protect them — and innovative ways for guests to have fun.

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A father and child enjoying the Sesame Street character parade

Top 5 Attractions at SeaWorld Orlando

  1. Infinity Falls
  2. Sesame Street Land
  3. Mako®
  4. Manta®
  5. Journey to Atlantis®
Guests riding the Manta Coaster in SeaWorld Orlando

If you’re visiting SeaWorld with younger children, you’ll definitely want to visit Sesame Street Land. The whole family can also enjoy Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin® and Dolphin Nursery, among other all-ages attractions.

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Other pulse-pounding rides include Infinity Falls, Mako, Journey to Atlantis and Wild Arctic®. It’s also worth noting that Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin offers “Mild” and “Wild” options.

Finally, don’t forget the park’s last original attraction: the iconic, 400-foot-tall Sky Tower, which provides a gently rotating, 360-degree view of Orlando. If heights don’t help you relax, consider a 20-minute getaway on SeaWorld’s lake courtesy of the separate-ticketed Flamingo Paddle Boats.

SeaWorld | Aquatica | Discovery Cove

Aquatica® Orlando

People viewing a whale at Loggerhead Lane in Aquatica Orlando

Top 5 Attractions at Aquatica Orlando

  1. KareKare Curl
  2. Ray Rush
  3. Ihu’s Breakaway Falls
  4. Dolphin Plunge
  5. Walhalla Wave
A couple on the KareKare Curl water slide at Aquatica

SeaWorld’s expertise at all things aquatic shines through in their water park, which offers fun rides, up-close animal encounters and pure relaxation. Two of those aspects come together in Dolphin Plunge, an incredible tube-slide attraction where you’ll rocket through a clear lagoon that’s home to black-and-white Commerson’s dolphins.

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Aquatica's latest thrill, KareKare Curl, will let you experience the feeling of weightlessness. Also new, Ray Rush gives you three ways to slide, splash and soar. Other senses-shattering experiences include raft rides like Walhalla Wave, Whanau Way and Omaka Rocka. Or, leave the raft behind for free-fall drops on Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, fast tubes on Tassie’s Twister, mat racing on Taumata Racer and white-water excitement on Roa’s Rapids.

When you’re ready to slow things down, Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores are two enormous wave pools with white sandy beaches and lounge chairs. Wading fun for all ages can be enjoyed at Walkabout Waters.

SeaWorld | Aquatica | Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove

Otter swimming underwater with kids snorkeling in the background at SeaWorld Orlando’s Discover Cove

One of Orlando’s most unique offerings, this all-inclusive day resort offers aquatic adventures and tranquil relaxation.

Several close encounters with exotic creatures can be enjoyed with the resort’s base package, including those at SeaVenture, The Grand Reef and Fresh Water Oasis, where you can expect to see tropical fish, rays, otters and marmosets. Available as an upgrade, Dolphin Swim is an incredible adventure where you’ll be able to spend an unforgettable 30 minutes with the gentle marine mammals.

For an experience of a different feather, mix and mingle with exotic birds at the Explorer’s Aviary. And when you’re ready to relax, grab a lounge chair or cabana at Serenity Bay, or just drift on Wind-Away River.

SeaWorld | Aquatica | Discovery Cove