Spectators watch a tournament at the USTA Collegiate Center at Lake Nona

United States Tennis Association

Home of American Tennis®

Orlando is the Home of American Tennis® with the opening of the USTA National Campus, where tennis enthusiasts can come watch, learn and play at one of the largest tennis facilities in the world.

About the USTA National Campus

The USTA National Campus features 100 courts spread across 64 acres, making the range of options for players quite impressive. The campus offers unparalleled playing, training and educational experiences for recreational and competitive players alike, as well as coaches and spectators.

USTA Welcome Center, The Home of American Tennis® in Orlando, Florida.

More than 450 tons of imported Italian red clay was used to create the six European Terre Davis red-clay courts. The Collegiate area, the new home to UCF's varsity tennis programs, is equipped with high-mast lighting for televised events and has elevated seating for 1,200 fans. And a Nemours Family Zone is tailored to young players learning the game.

All in all, the campus features:

Tennis player lunging after a ball with a backhand

Tennis of the Future

The USTA has partnered with PlaySight Technologies, creator of the Smart Court, to provide players with interactive technology and useful data at their fingertips, including: ball speed, step count, misses, lobs, aces and more!

Thirty-two courts feature PlaySight technology, while 84 tournament courts feature live streaming.

An elevated view of several of the tennis courts at the USTA Campus.

Hours of Operation

The USTA National Campus is open: