Adult couple taking a selfie in front of the Wheel at ICON Park

Things to Do in Orlando for Adults

Think an Orlando vacation is kids’ stuff? Think again! Our world-renowned theme parks, attractions, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and one-of-a-kind experiences have plenty of surprises for grownups, too. In fact, there’s so much for adults to do in Orlando, you’re sure to delight in our diversity — particularly in the suggestions for grown-ups featured here.

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What’s more, Orlando’s theme parks, attractions, hotels, restaurants, retailers and other businesses are focusing on your safety with enhanced health and sanitization measures designed to protect you. Explore Orlando’s grown-up side with confidence the next time you’re in town!

Please note: Depending on the timing of your visit, some experiences may be temporarily modified or closed. Learn more about healthy travel and what’s open in Orlando, and check with your favorite theme parks, attractions and other businesses for their current status.

Discover the Perfect Orlando Experience

No matter your age or that of your traveling companions, Orlando has a wealth of experiences tailored to suit your interests and desires, including hundreds of one-of-a-kind events throughout the year. To plan your perfect trip, take advantage of our free planning tools and download our mobile app.

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Once you’ve arrived, knowledgeable Vacation Guides at Orlando’s Official Visitor Center can help you iron out the finishing touches. You can also pick up additional resources, buy discounted tickets to theme parks and attractions, and even immerse yourself in some of our top experiences. There’s no better way to maximize your Orlando adventure!

Additional Orlando Trip Ideas