A person's arm recharging an electric vehicle

Drive Electric Orlando

Ready to get behind the wheel of America’s transportation future? Drive Electric Orlando offers a seamless car rental experience and Orlando is an ideal place to use an electric vehicle. All of the major tourist attractions and business locations are well within the range of electric vehicles and there are many charging stations where you will need them.

Drive Electric Orlando is a groundbreaking partnership between Orlando rental car agencies, hotels, and tourist attractions designed to offer vacationers and business travelers an exciting and convenient opportunity to use an eco-friendly car during their next trip.

Benefits of Electric Car Rentals

From the moment you rent your electric vehicle, you will enjoy an exciting and seamless rental experience that gives you access to: free valet parking at your hotel; preferred parking spots; ample opportunities to conveniently charge your vehicle at hotels, theme parks, and restaurants; and—most importantly—a gas station-free trip!

Cost Savings

Here is an example of how much you could save by choosing an electric vehicle.

Various Rental Car Costs in Orlando Renting a Standard Mid-size Car in Orlando for a Week Renting a Plug-in Electric Car in orlando for a Week
Cost of Car Rental $200 - $250 Same
Average Fuel Cost $50 $15 or less
Parking at Hotel $5 - $15 FREE
Valet Parking $20 and higher FREE
GPS Unit in Car $12 FREE
Use CLEAR Lane at Orlando Airport $179 for annual pass FREE
TOTAL $500 or more $200 - $265

Get Started

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