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Restaurant Criteria to Participate

Is your restaurant interested in participating in Visit Orlando's Magical Dining? Please review the criteria and program requirements below. If you qualify and are interested in participating, please contact Visit Orlando’s membership team at

Note that participation in the program is open to qualifying member restaurants of Visit Orlando. Visit Orlando reserves the right to exclude any restaurant it feels does not meet the criteria below and to include properties or grandfather in properties at its discretion that have contributed significantly to the program over the years.

If it is determined that you qualify, a formal agreement, payment link and additional instructions will be sent to you, and we will work with you to help increase your success in the program!

Visit Orlando's Magical Dining Restaurant Criteria & Program Requirements

Restaurant Criteria

Program Requirements

  1. Offer the three-course (appetizer, entrée, dessert), prix-fixe Visit Orlando's Magical Dining Menu for a pre-determined price (tax and gratuity not included) throughout the program, which traditionally runs from late August through September 30.
  2. Provide customers with a minimum, to-be-determined value for the set price.
  3. Offer the Visit Orlando's Magical Dining menu during all dinner hours, with the exception of buyouts.
  4. Magical Dining must be the only fixed-price dinner offer during the program.
  5. Dishes for all courses will be individual, regularly sized portions (including side dishes, sauces, etc.) that are available to customers on your regular dining menu.
  6. Submit Visit Orlando's Magical Dining Menu as well a full copy of current dinner and dessert dining menus with pricing to Visit Orlando by a predetermined date for review and approval. (Note: All menu items on the Magical Dining menu must derive from the restaurant’s normal dinner menu. The Magical Dining menu will be reviewed and approved by Visit Orlando before, and as a condition to, being added to the program.)
  7. Provide Visit Orlando with all other reasonably required assets (photos, logos, photo release forms, etc.) by a predetermined date so that Visit Orlando can appropriately market the restaurant as part of the Visit Orlando's Magical Dining Program.
  8. Contribute six (6) gift certificates, each valid for one (1) complimentary Visit Orlando's Magical Dining dinner, by a predetermined date, to be used to promote the Visit Orlando's Magical Dining Program. Does not include tax and gratuity.
  9. Submit payment in full via payment link or check for the predetermined marketing fee to Visit Orlando by a predetermined date.
  10. Give Visit Orlando the right to use your image, logo and name in promotional opportunities.
  11. Commit to attending a Visit Orlando's Magical Dining kick-off meeting to ensure you are set up for success in the program — to be held at various times during the 2nd and 3rd week of August.
  12. Commit to promoting the restaurant’s participation in Visit Orlando’s Visit Orlando's Magical Dining program where possible (e.g., linking to on website, posting on social media, sending e-newsletters to database, etc.).
  13. Visibly display Magical Dining collateral, including rack cards and participation plaque.
  14. Proactively print and provide the Visit Orlando's Magical Dining menu to all guests. The menu shall have the Magical Dining logo, pricing and charity information, provided by Visit Orlando.
  15. Ensure that front of house staff (hosts, servers, etc.) are aware of the program, the restaurant’s unique Visit Orlando's Magical Dining menu, and the charity component of Magical Dining.
  16. If an OpenTable member, automated reservations will be offered through the Magical Dining website.
  17. Understand that you may be secret-shopped. If the results of these shops do not show the criteria being met, this may lead to additional training, termination of the program, or exclusion from the program in subsequent years.
  18. Donate $1 of every Visit Orlando's Magical Dining dinner sold to Visit Orlando’s charity partner. If Visit Orlando selects multiple charities for the Magical Dining Program, the contribution of $1 per meal will be split equally between the charities, and separate checks made out to each charity will be remitted to Visit Orlando.
  19. Within 7 days of the conclusion of the program, report the total number of dinners sold to Visit Orlando. Upon receipt of charity invoice(s) from Visit Orlando, submit payment via check made payable to the charity. Checks should be received at Visit Orlando within 30 days of the conclusion of the program. Visit Orlando will reconcile the checks and submit the packet of individual checks directly to the charitable partner(s).

If menu does not meet program criteria, or if restaurant fails to comply with program obligations and timelines, it could delay the restaurant from being loaded into the system by the program launch date, which could negatively impact number of total covers — or could result in disqualification from the program and forfeiture of the marketing fee.