June 24, 2020, 5 p.m.:

As you are aware, our region has experienced a spike in coronavirus cases over the past two weeks. 

That spike, and related measures to address it, were important topics at today’s meeting of the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force that I co-chair. We discussed issues facing businesses locally, examples of properties taking positive measures (as well as some lapses we have seen recently) and, most importantly, how we can help the community do better. 

As noted by Dr. Raul Pino in today’s meeting, “the compliance of the business community is critical” to control this increase. 

In line with that, I urge each of us to do our part as a business owner, employee and resident. Visit Orlando and the Orlando Economic Partnership have been developing a new public safety campaign for the region, which we updated the Task Force on today. 

The mayor will officially launch the campaign at his State of the County address Friday, and we encourage you to watch it live here to see how you can engage in it. But for now, I am excited for our destination-wide effort, which could not come at a better time. 

Stay safe, everyone. 

George Aguel 
President & CEO