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Orlando is home to more than 55 million visitors a year. On any given day that means Orlando could see approximately 380,000 people visiting our theme parks, hotels, restaurants, convention center and retail stores. And we all know what it's like during the peak travel season.

Imagine what it would be like if we didn't have a thriving travel and tourism industry. Well, many of us would probably not live here. No travel and tourism industry equates to fewer jobs. In fact, more than 370,000 of us work in some aspect of the travel and tourism industry. It's easy to recognize the faces of the industry, employees at the hotels, theme parks, restaurants, retail outlets, but so many other jobs rely on a thriving travel and tourism industry.

One example is the construction business. The majority of structures that house travel and tourism businesses are built and renovated by local companies in the construction business. Thousands of electricians, plumbers, roofers, masons, engineers and architects livelihood depends on visitors to help keep their companies busy with projects. Not to mention the local suppliers that ensure they have the materials to complete the jobs. You see, it's a trickle down affect of goods and services.

Another example, is local taxes... specifically our school taxes. Hotels and resorts, theme parks and retail shopping all pay property and school taxes as part of their yearly tax bill, just like all businesses and homeowners. These travel and tourism structures are extremely valuable assets for our community. Why? Because visitors are here only a short time and they don't add additional children to our schools. Companies that own these properties pay millions and millions in school property taxes to our school districts. These additional dollars saves Orange County residents thousands of dollars a year in property and school taxes. Call it a perk for living in Orlando.

Visitors also contribute in many other ways to our community; below are a few examples.

Net Fiscal Impact on State and Local Governments

  • Tourism spending generated $50 billion in total business sales including direct and induced impacts on the region
  • Tourism in Orlando generated $1.7 billion in state taxes and $2.3 billion in local taxes in 2011
  • Approximately 36% of all jobs in the region are sustained by visitor spending

Fun Facts on Visitor Spending

  • Spending by visitors to Orlando is larger than the entire U.S.organic food industry - $31.6 billion  
  • Orlando's direct visitor spending is also larger than ALL internet ad revenues 
  • The $50 billion in total business sales supported by visitors to Orlando is approximately the size of Best Buy
  • The $4 billion in state and local taxes generated by Orlando tourists is roughly the same sales by the Florida Lottery - and requires no payouts!

Source: Tourism Economics


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