Mako is coming to SeaWorld Orlando.

The waters are churning at SeaWorld® Orlando with the unveiling of the lead ride car for Orlando's newest theme park roller coaster, Mako. With the attraction scheduled to open this summer, ride-makers are sinking their teeth into creating an all-new experience for thrill-ride fans with shark-inspired design elements.

When it opens later this year, Mako will top 200 feet and reach speeds of 73 mph on a nearly 1-mile-long track.

The ride vehicle is not only designed with a Mako shark in mind, but it's also comprised of technical elements to provide a smooth but relentless ride experience that fans will want to enjoy over and over again.

The lead car in the coaster train takes on the face of a Mako shark, including five gills on each side, piercing eyes and hydro-dynamic shape.

The wheels fully wrap the top, side and bottom of the coaster track and are made from a polyurethane compound designed to reduce friction for speed and precision.

An individual lap bar secures riders into the padded seats providing upper-body mobility and full enjoyment of the lengthy air time this ride is guaranteed to provide.

Mako is scheduled to open in summer 2016 at SeaWorld Orlando and will be part of a whole new, shark-themed realm.

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