A new roller coaster is coming to SeaWorld Orlando in 2016.

Just when you thought it was safe to assume that roller coasters in Orlando couldn't get any more exciting, SeaWorld® Orlando announces a new, 200-foot-tall coaster opening in 2016. A quick search of the hashtag #NothingFaster will result in frenzy of activity — a "sharknado," if you will — around this new thrill ride reported today by the marine-life park.

More details about the attraction are promised to surface in late May. The news comes as SeaWorld continues their ongoing quest to stay at the top of the thrill-ride food chain by diving deep and adding new rides that take a bite out of thrill-seekers' craving for bigger and faster roller coasters in Orlando.

Back in 2000, SeaWorld Orlando added the first roller coaster to their arsenal. Its name was Kraken. Standing at 149 feet tall and flying at 65 mph, this was and still is Orlando's only floorless coaster. Fast forward to 2009 and Manta hits the Orlando theme park scene.

As Orlando's only head-first, face-down positioned coaster, it had riders gliding through the air like a giant Manta Ray. Now, in 2015, it has been announced that another coaster will join the SeaWorld family next year. So far, it is only known as #NothingFaster, but at 200 feet tall, this coaster is said to be taller, faster and longer than any other in town. It will now sit atop of the food chain in Orlando: Theme Park Capital of the World®.

Once complete, SeaWorld could hold the tallest, fastest, and longest Orlando roller coaster title.

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