Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon has arrived at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando.

Forget waiting until 11:35 p.m. for The Tonight Show to come on — at Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando Resort, you can become a part of the show all day long! Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is an all-new ride taking you on an action-packed race through the Big Apple. Host Jimmy Fallon officially opened his new attraction with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and party on the red carpet, along with co-host Steve Higgins, the Legendary Roots Crew, Hashtag the Panda, the Ragtime Gals, and Gary and Sara from his famous "Ew!" sketch.

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is the first ride at Universal Studios Florida to feature Universal Orlando Resort's all-new Virtual Line experience — allowing you to enjoy other areas of the park while you "virtually" wait for your time to enter the attraction. We've pulled together some other insider tips and tricks to help you make the most of your experience as you navigate the interactive queue and arrive at the main attraction.

Pre-Show Countdown

Once you've reserved your time for the ride through the app, you'll enter the attraction through the main entrance to receive your colored Peacock Card, indicating your time slot. These cards are designed to move you through the interactive pre-show areas and on to the ride quickly. Listen for the signature NBC chime and keep an eye on the NBC logos as they change; when it hits your card color, it's your time to ride!

Memorabilia Hall

Your Race Through New York experience begins with the first of two interactive pre-show areas. Memorabilia Hall highlights the fascinating history of the The Tonight Show. From old- school camera equipment and television sets from the early years of 1954, all the way to the modern setup used with Jimmy Fallon, there's a lot to see and do.

Explore "Studio B"

Continue upstairs for three different experiences that make the queue almost as fun as the ride itself. This second interactive area is themed like Studio 6B, where The Tonight Show is filmed. You'll find interactive desks with personalized a "Thank You Note" pre-written by Jimmy that you can send from your email account to someone that likes a good laugh (and a unique souvenir!). This area also features Fallon-themed games and phone-charging stations.

Ragtime Gals

Also in the Studio B area, the past meets present with the vocal stylings of The Ragtime Gals. The group sings hip-hop songs in a barbershop-quartet style with harmonious vocals. Once you hear the music, this is your cue to walk over to the stage area.

Hashtag the Panda

The Tonight Show's beloved mascot, Hashtag the Panda, brings his frenzied moves to the floor. If you're lucky, you can snag a selfie with the enthusiastic panda.

It's Go Time!

"Ding, ding, ding." Your Peacock Card color is up. Walk up to the third floor to pick up your 3D goggles and enter the virtual flying machine. You are now a member of The Tonight Show audience. It's your chance to race Jimmy through New York starting from the studio, through the city, over to the moon and back to win the trophy. This fast-paced ride is packed with lots of amazing details, so you're sure to catch something new each time you ride.

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