Your guide to finding Pokémon in Orlando.

True to our long history of creativity and family fun, Orlando has become a thrilling haven for Pokémon Go players who want to experience the hit game in the theme park capital of the world. From our walkable entertainment districts to our world-famous theme parks, players can find countless PokéStops and Gyms across the destination.

Hotspots like SeaWorld Orlando and Fun Spot America have already held meetups with dozens of lure modules activated around their parks, and our walkable entertainment complexes are jackpots for players who want to get the Orlando experience without the cost of a theme park ticket.

We've compiled a list of locations to get you started as you play around Orlando.

Free Areas to Play

Disney Springs®

There are over 30 PokéStops inside Walt Disney World Resort's entertainment district, in addition to new shops and delicious restaurants.

Fun Spot America

This International Drive attraction has eight Pokéstops, as well as a gym and 14 acres of park to walk around. A great place to hatch those eggs, and walking around is free.


Featuring restaurants, bars and affordable attractions, ICON Orlando 360 on International Drive has four Pokéstops clustered together. Hang out in the middle for maximum advantage and maybe even become the next gym leader of the area.

Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando

Spend some time at the lake with more than 20 Pokéstops and nearly a mile of paved walking area. The PokéStops frequently have lures to summon more Pokémon, and there's even a rumor that a Pokémon is located at the center of Lake Eola, only accessible by one of the park's iconic, swan-shaped paddleboats.

The Mall at Millenia

Hit the mall for new clothes, shoes and pick up a few Pikachus, all indoors.

Universal CityWalk

Keep your app open as soon as you arrive. There are a few PokéStops waiting once you walk out of the parking garage.

Theme Park Hot Spots

Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park

From the moment you walk up to the park entrance, you'll find Pokémon around almost every tree and ride in this animal-themed park.


The World Showcase is the ultimate destination to catch Pokémon all around the world. Take some screenshots as well — maybe you'll see a Charmander on top of Spaceship Earth.

LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

The Pokémon craze has hit LEGOLAND with plenty of chances to play throughout the park, but officials ask that you be safe and not play while riding attractions.

Magic Kingdom® Park

PokéStops and Pokémon are everywhere. We suggest you bring along your phone charger and sunscreen!

SeaWorld Orlando

There are tons of water-type Pokémon, and you can hit over 20 different Pokéstops while spending a day here.

Universal Orlando Resort

The two theme parks at Universal Orlando Resort are also a great place to play and discover Pokémon.

How many have you caught? Share all of your Pokémon Go conquests with us at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram . Whether you're on team Valor, Mystic or Instinct, stay safe out there and enjoy Orlando.

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