Frozen has arrived at Disney's Epcot in Orlando.

For fans of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, along with everyone's favorite talking snowman, Olaf, the ultimate Frozen experience has finally come to Orlando, where Elsa's ice magic has transformed the Norway Pavilion at Epcot® into their new home at Walt Disney World® Resort. For the first time in forever, visitors can set sail for the kingdom of Arendelle in a new ride attraction and themed location to meet the royal sisters.

Come and take a snow day, every day at this newest attraction that gives Frozen fans another reason to #LoveOrlando.

If you're seeking some face time with Anna and Elsa, you can meet them at their Royal Summerhus, which has been modeled after a traditional cabin in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. The meet and greet is set up so that visitors can have individual photo ops with both Anna and Elsa.

Replacing the former Maelstrom dark ride attraction, the new Frozen Ever After takes visitors on a watery ride in boats patterned after longships, passing through various scenes that featuring Audio-Animatronic figures from the animated film.

The film's beloved characters come to life through the most advanced Audio-Animatronic technology to date, including the first to be all electric, which provides fluid movements and the ability to animate in new ways.

Wandering through the queue line is also half the adventure as visitors walk through a variety of themed scenes, including "Oaken's Tokens," where Oaken himself is taking in a hot steam in his sauna. "Whoo hoo, hello family!"

The all-new merchandise also follows the empowerment theme of the movie and the characters. From the coolest T-shirts, toys, costumes and ornaments, you're sure to get your Frozen fill by the time you leave the gift shop.

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