Dive into Ihu's Breakaway Falls at Aquatica, SeaWorld's Waterpark, in Orlando.

Ready or not, Aquatica® Orlando, is literally pulling the floor out from guests and dropping them 80 feet (24.384 meters) on their newest water ride: Ihu's Breakaway Falls, available only in Orlando!

Officially opening to guests on May 9, 2014, this thrilling attraction for thrill-seekers of all ages (above 48"/1.22 m tall) begins with a dramatic vertical plunge followed by maze of curving tubes before final splashdown.

Visit Orlando's Drop Everything Tips

Drop Everything Tip: Named after one of the park's characters, Ihu, the ride includes four distinct experiences with three of the slides featuring upright "breakaway boxes" that guests stand in with their arms crossed and legs crossed. If you've got the stamina, we recommend that you try each one.

Drop Everything Tip: And if your heart isn't already thumping in anticipation of having the floor you're standing on instantly disappear, a thump-thump heartbeat sound is being piped into the box for added effect. A thumbs-up, a quick countdown and the bottom drops out on the three slides, one by one.

Drop Everything Tip: The fourth slide — the purple one — is the only slide without the automatic drop. But don't mistake this one for the "chickening out" slide. After manually launching themselves in a traditional water slide fashion, riders are in for the steepest, most thrilling ride out of all the slides.

Drop Everything Tip: A unique part of the experience is the climb up the 126 steps to the launch platform and one of the best open-air views in the area, with the iconic hotels along International Drive, the Orange County Convention Center and SeaWorld Orlando's roller coasters. Even downtown Orlando can be seen on a clear day.

The Aquatica Orlando Experience

Aquatica in Orlando features a unique and quirky Pacific Rim theme. The color palate is bright and cheery while the lush landscaping transports guests to an island oasis.

Keeping with SeaWorld's brand, guests can also enjoy thrilling animal encounters from cuddly iguanas, colorful macaws to Commerson's dolphins.

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