The all-new Mako roller coaster is set to debut at SeaWorld Orlando in one month.

We're less than a month away before Orlando's tallest and fastest roller coaster is scheduled to open at SeaWorld® Orlando. Join us for a hard hat tour of the nearly mile long Mako coaster that will be the anchor attraction for a new shark-themed realm that will put guests in the center of an underwater domain about all things shark!

The new area, called Shark Wreck Reef, is designed as an underwater realm centered on a wrecked ship. In this realm, guests can find entrance to the park's classic attraction, Shark Encounter, along with the upscale restaurant with a fintastic view, Sharks Underwater Grill.

According SeaWorld Ride Engineer Michael Denninger, "Even non-riders will enjoy the thrill of Mako as the coaster "crashes" through the shipwreck. There are several points in which the ride vehicle comes within 10 to 12 feet above the heads of guests along the realm's main pathway."

The shark underwater immersion continues in the coaster's queue line, as guest will be on the "hunt for prey" as they make their way through the shipwreck reef environment.

The ride itself is a record-breaker for Orlando's roster of roller coasters, including Mako's maximum height of 200 feet and a ride track that is nearly a mile long, plus opportunities for moments of weightlessness.

"Mako has been designed to maximize air time with at least 10 moments along the ride where guests will feel the sensation of floating in the air. Many hills were designed to be low and long to increase speed and airtime, says Denninger."

Finally, riders will feel positive G-forces as they whip around the final turn known as the "Hammerhead."

The ride and realm are scheduled to open at SeaWorld Orlando on June 10, 2016. You can count on Visit Orlando to be onsite to provide you with firsthand updates during the opening.

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