Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando has debuted new Star Wars-themed fireworks.

It's no doubt that the Force has awakened a whole new galaxy of Star Wars-themed attractions and entertainment at Walt Disney World® Resort. This summer, the saga continues with an all-new, out-of-this-world, nighttime spectacular in the heart of Disney's Hollywood Studios®. The nightly show is complete with fireworks, lasers and massive video projections of iconic Star Wars moments.

Bursting in the sky above the park are dramatic fireworks in a dazzling array of colors detonating to space ship explosions and clashing lightsabers.

Pairing up with an over-the-top fireworks show are larger-than-life video projections displayed directly on the Chinese Theater. The new technology transports guests directly into their favorite moments from the entire Star Wars saga.

Fans will enjoy the iconic John Williams music blasting through the park in amazing surround sound, enhancing ships flying past and explosions happening all around.

The visually overloaded show features flaming towers creating heat that can be felt throughout the crowds, along with powerful crisscrossing spotlight beams, creating lightsabers in the sky.

Enjoy a Star Wars-themed, exclusive dessert party complete with a selection of desserts and specialty drinks (alcoholic beverage options included). The add-on includes a reserved viewing area of the show.

Want to share a drink with the most famous Wookiee in the universe? To remember the special evening, dessert party guests receive a souvenir stein of Chewbacca. Brrwhhhaargh!

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