Take Your Vacation to a New Level With Orlando’s High-Tech Attractions

High-Tech in Orlando

Learn how our area's attractions, restaurants and international airport are adopting the latest in technology to give visitors the experience of a lifetime.


From cutting-edge attraction technology and virtual queues to becoming the first destination to create a mobile app using artificial intelligence, the Theme Park Capital of the World® has consistently kept visitors top-of-mind when developing new technology. Here are some of the ways Orlando's attractions, restaurants and international airport are implementing the latest trends in high tech.

The Technology Behind Avatar's Flight of Passage 

Located within "Pandora - The World of Avatar" at Disney's Animal Kingdom, 48 guests at a time enter a state-of-the-art theater to board mountain banshees as avatars riding across Pandora. Riders sit on a "link chair" and are given a pair of "flight goggles" or 3-D glasses.

Once sitting down, guests face a 69-foot-wide and more than 97-foot-high screen. When the ride starts, chairs pivot and tilt to mirror the movie. Bursts of wind, sprays of mist and a breathing banshee (which you can feel breathing underneath you) make Avatar's Flight of Passage a truly immersive experience. 

Tech tapu

TapuTapu: The Wearable That Waits for You

Volcano Bay, Universal Orlando's newest water park, introduced the TapuTapu wearable, a band that allows guests to wait in lines virtually, so they're able to relax and enjoy the park. When guests first arrive at the park's entrance, they are given the band, which is included with the price of admission. 

Once at the desired ride, visitors scan the TapuTapu at a nearby kiosk to enter a virtual queue. When wait time is over, the message "Ride Now" is displayed across the band's screen. The wearable also activates interactive surprises, enables cashless payments and even helps visitors open lockers.

Jimmy Fallon Virtual Queue

Universal Orlando also debuted its first virtual line for their newest ride, "Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon." To enter the queue, riders can check in on The Official Universal Orlando Resort App and reserve their time slot.

Once it's time to return, riders pick up their colored Peacock Card indicating their time. These cards move guests through the interactive pre-show areas where they're given the opportunity to send a "thank you note" at interactive desks, see Hashtag the Panda and enjoy a performance by the Ragtime Gals.

 Kraken Unleashed is the new VR roller coaster experience at SeaWorld Orlando.

Kraken Unleashed: An Underwater Virtual Reality Experience

Making a big-splash debut, SeaWorld Orlando reintroduced Kraken as Kraken Unleashed, a new virtual reality experience for the floorless roller coaster. Through a headset, riders can watch a movie that is synchronized with the movements of the roller coaster, making it seem like they are underwater encountering sea life.

The ride also introduced the theme park's first use of Spot Saver, which also allows visitors to wait in line virtually. Once the guests arrive at the park, they are able to reserve their time at kiosks by the entrance of Kraken Unleashed or by making reservations online at SpotSaver.com.

Aquarium Game at Orlando International Airport

When it comes to high tech in Orlando, the city's international airport is not one to be left behind. With a record-breaking amount of visitors in 2016, it's safe to say the Orlando International Airport has millions of destination visitors walking through its terminals. And to make guests' experiences more fun while they wait, the airport implemented a one-of-a-kind digital game.

The Airport Aquarium Game, which is completely unique to the Orlando International Airport, is displayed across new, large video walls in each of the terminals. The game keeps children entertained during check-in and parents more relaxed as they wait. There are also 700 video panels that show videos of Orlando and display airline information for travelers.

Planet Hollywood's high-tech venue

Planet Hollywood Observatory Meets the Big Screen

Restaurants are also leveraging high tech. After its large-scale revamp, Planet Hollywood Observatory reopened in Disney Springs at the beginning of 2017. A key element to the new look is their 4,500-square-foot video wall.

The state-of-the-art screen features 3-D interiors that come to life through Trompe L'oeil 3-D technology, making realistic optical illusions. The screen displays anything from favorite music videos to song lyrics that help the crowd sing-a-long to live choreographed dance breaks performed by the staff, giving diners an "out-of-this-world" experience.

Visit Orlando Destination App

Finally, Visit Orlando unveiled a destination first in August 2016 with the beta launch of its mobile app, which offers recommendations of Orlando experiences.

The app also features augmented reality capabilities. Travelers can easily locate dining and entertainment options in their vicinity, as the app adds an overlay of augmented reality information to their phone's camera view. Orlando visitors can also hunt deals by capturing "Magical Orbs," which appear via augmented reality also on their phone cameras. A video showing how to use the app is available here.

Today's High-Tech Destination 

The Theme-Park Capital of the World® has become a truly high-tech destination capable of providing visitors with immersive experiences unlike any other. Next time you're in town, make sure to enjoy Orlando's many digital wonders.

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