Sky-High in Orlando: Thrills Beyond the Theme Parks

The Sling Shot at Magical Midway
Discover some of the highest rides in Orlando, where you can get great views and greater thrills just outside the theme parks.

Orlando's themes parks are not the only places where you can enjoy thrill rides and catch panoramic views of the destination. From slingshots and massive swings to an iconic observation wheel, there's a ride for everyone in Orlando's tourism district.


The Sling Shot at Magical Midway

An Orlando classic, the Sling Shot's bark is  worse than its bite. Vaulting riders 390 feet up with 360-degree flips, you  might be surprised to learn that no one, to date, has ever gotten sick on the  ride.

It's all fun on the world's largest slingshot, with clear  views across Orlando's International Drive on the way down. However, be ready  for speed: Riders are catapulted at G-Forces between 3 to 5Gs.  


The SkyCoaster at FunSpot America 

The world's tallest SkyCoaster at 300  feet, this ride is best described as "the closest thing to jumping out of a  plane besides jumping out of a plane." Experience freefall, flight and  fantastic views while aboard, but be warned: the worst part is having to pull  the release cord yourself!  


ICON Orlando at ICON Orlando 360

Finally, if you don't want to test your mettle against high speeds and G forces, there's still an option to see Orlando from above: ICON Orlando. Aboard this 400-foot-tall observation wheel, you can take your time enjoying the scenery, spotting iconic features at multiple theme  parks, and even Kennedy Space Center on a clear day. With 360-degree views, you  can see the destination from all sides, at a leisurely pace of one mile per hour.


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