USTA National Campus Offers Action-Packed 2018 Schedule

USTA National Campus Offers Action-Packed 2018 Schedule

The USTA National Campus in Orlando is ready for an incredible 2018, with dozens of high-intensity matches scheduled for the coming year.

In the coming year, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) National Campus will host a robust lineup of can't-miss events in Orlando, and many of them will be open to the public. Showcasing national championships, college games and other special matches, here's your guide to the tennis mecca's 2018 event schedule.

Collegiate Center Court at USTA National Campus in Orlando
Collegiate Center Court at USTA National Campus in Orlando

USTA National Campus January 2018 Event Schedule

Dec. 27-Jan. 2

USTA Junior Winter National Championships

Jan. 3-5

USTA National Campus Players Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)

Jan. 6-7

Florida Tennis Tour Finale

Jan. 13

Brigham Young University (BYU) vs. University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW) (M)

Jan. 13-21

National Campus Women's $25k

Jan. 14

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) vs. UNCW (M)

Jan. 15

BYU vs. FGCU (M)

Jan. 19

University of Central Florida (UCF) vs. South Carolina (W)

Jan. 21

UCF vs. North Texas (W)

Jan. 26

UCF vs. Alabama (W)

Jan. 27-28

USTA National Campus January L6

Jan. 30-Feb. 2

BNP Paribas World Team Cup Qualifying


USTA National Campus February 2018 Event Schedule

Feb. 3

College MatchDay: Florida vs. Florida State University (FSU) (M/W)

Feb. 4

UCF vs. Troy (W)

Feb. 4

UCF vs. North Florida (W)

Feb. 8

Georgia vs. Florida Atlantic (M)

Feb. 9

College MatchDay: Georgia Tech vs. Georgia (M)

Feb. 10-12

USTA National Level 2

Feb. 17-18

National Red Ball Team Challenge

Feb. 20

Oklahoma vs. South Florida (M)

Feb. 23

Rollins vs. West Florida (M/W)

Feb. 24

USTA Level Six

Feb. 24

College MatchDay: Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M


USTA National Campus March 2018 Event Schedule

Mar. 3

College MatchDay: UCF vs. Michigan (M)

Mar. 4

UCF vs. East Carolina (M)

Mar. 4-11

USTA Women's Pro Circuit $15k

Mar. 5

UCF vs. Baylor (M)

Mar. 7

UCF vs. Penn State (M)

Mar. 7

UCF vs. East Tennessee State (W)

Mar. 9

Miami vs. FSU (M)

Mar. 9

NC State vs. Oklahoma (W)

Mar. 9

Miami vs. FSU (W)

Mar. 10

UCF vs. Memphis, UCF vs. Penn State (W)

Mar. 11

UCF vs. Virginia (M)

Mar. 13

Duke vs. Texas Christian University (TCU) (M/W)

Mar. 14

UCF vs. Minnesota (M)

Mar. 16

UCF vs. Indiana (M)

Mar. 17-19

USTA Florida Level Four Championships

Mar. 18

UCF vs. Miami (M)

Mar. 21

UCF vs. Arkansas (M)

Mar. 21

UCF vs. Clemson (W)

Mar. 21

Clemson vs. Yale (W)

Mar. 22

UCF vs. Yale (W)

Mar. 23

UCF vs. Princeton (M)

Mar. 27

UCF vs. Brown (W)

Mar. 30

UCF vs. Florida International University (FIU) (W)


USTA National Campus April 2018 Event Schedule

Apr. 6

UCF vs. Rice (W)

Apr. 6-8

USTA Adult 65 & Over Invitational 6.0-9.0

Apr. 11-14

USTA Tennis on Campus National Championship

Apr. 14-16

USTA Florida League Adult 65+

Apr. 15

College MatchDay: UCF vs. USF (M)

Apr. 20-22

Wheelchair Collegiate National Championships

Apr. 21-22

USTA Level Seven

Apr. 23-29

Atlantic 10 Conference Championships


USTA National Campus May 2018 Event Schedule

May 5-7

USTA Florida League Adult 55 & Over 3.0/4.0

May 18-22

USTA National Level 2

May 19-21

USTA Florida League Adult 55 & Over 3.5/4.5

May 26-28

USTA Florida Doubles Spring Challenge


USTA National Campus June 2018 Event Schedule

Jun. 2-4

USTA Florida Mixed 40 & Over 6.0/8.0

Jun. 9-16

USTA Florida Bobby Curtis Singles Championships

Jun. 18-21

USTA All-American Collegiate Combine

Jun. 23-25

USTA Florida Mixed 40 & Over 7.0/9.0


USTA National Campus July 2018 Event Schedule

Jul. 7-9

USTA Florida Adult 40 & Over 3.5/4.5

Jul. 13-15

USTA Florida Adult 40 & Over 3.0/4.0

Jul. 15-22

National 12s Clay Court Championships

Jul. 28 - Aug. 5

ATA National Championships: Adult and Junior


USTA National Campus August 2018 Event Schedule

Aug. 4-6

USTA Florida Level 5 Championships

Aug. 11-13

USTA Florida Adult 18 & Over 3.0/4.0/5.0

Aug. 18-20

USTA Florida Adult 18 & Over 2.5/3.5/4.5

Aug. 23-26

USTA National Doubles Championships


USTA National Campus September 2018 Event Schedule

Sept. 15-17

USTA Florida Bobby Curtis Doubles Championships

Sept. 20-22

HBCU Championships

Sept. 28-30

FLHSCA Workshop


USTA National Campus October 2018 Event Schedule

Oct. 5-7

USTA League National Adult 18 & Over 5.0

Oct. 6-8

USTA Florida Mixed 18 & Over 7.0/9.0

Oct. 12-14

USTA League National Adult 18 & Over 2.5/3.5 (W)

Oct. 13-15

USTA Florida Mixed 18 & Over 6.0/8.0/10.0

Oct. 19-21

USTA League National Adult 40 & Over 4.0

Oct. 26-28

USTA League National Adult 55 & Over 6.0-8.0

Oct. 27-28

USTA Florida Orange Ball Sectional Championships


USTA National Campus November 2018 Event Schedule

Nov. 1-4

USTA Junior Team Tennis 14U National Championships

Nov. 8-11

USTA Junior Team Tennis 18U National Championships

Nov. 11-16

American Medical Tennis Association Meeting

Nov. 16-18

USTA League National Mixed 40 & Over 6.0-9.0

Nov. 25

USTA Level Seven

Nov. 28-Dec. 3

NEC Singles Masters: Wheelchair


USTA National Campus December 2018 Event Schedule

Dec. 1-3

USTA Florida Combo 18 & Over 6.5/8.5

Dec. 8-10

USTA Florida Combo 18 & Over 5.5/7.5/9.5

Dec. 8-10

21U American Showcase

Dec. 26-Jan. 2

USTA Winter National Championships


Get Your "Game On" in Orlando

Hard Courts at USTA National Campus in Orlando
Hard Courts at USTA National Campus in Orlando

Featuring 100 tennis courts spread over 64 acres, and located less than 20 minutes from Orlando International Airport, the USTA National Campus is an unbeatable place to play, train and learn tennis, no matter your age or skill level. If you're looking for more ways to play and watch sports while you're in town, don't forget about the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl, and check our website for information about golf and other sports-related adventures throughout the area.

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