SeaWorld Orlando Announces Virtual Reality Roller Coaster, Expansions in 2017

SeaWorld Expansions 2017 Kraken VR

With the recent opening of MakoSeaWorld Orlando has certainly become a theme park destination in Orlando for roller coaster fans. Beginning next year, riders will have a whole new way to experience the park's original roller coaster, Kraken with a new virtual reality enhancement. This update, along with other new expansions was announced today coming to SeaWorld in 2017.

SeaWorld Expansions 2017 Kraken Ride Vehicle

As virtual reality continues to grow in popularity, SeaWorld Orlando will be the first in Florida to apply the technology to a roller coaster ride experience. Beginning next summer, guests can have the option to wear specially designed headsets and take part in an digitally immersive deep sea mission and encounter mythical sea creatures, including the Kraken itself. The ride vehicle itself will also be getting a facelift with the debut of the new experience in the summer of 2017. Better get Kraken!

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SeaWorld Expansions 2017 Dolphin Nursery

Enhancing the way that guests can see the park's youngest dolphins, SeaWorld's Dolphin Nursery will also get new enhancements next year. Guests will be able enjoy above water and under water viewing of the baby dolphins and nursing mothers through newly installed acrylic windows designed for young children to get up close and personal encounters. Included in the expansions will be all new educational and conservation elements.

SeaWorld Expansions 2017 Electric Ocean

Next summer SeaWorld will debut an all-new nighttime show taking place in and around the park's center lake. Electric Ocean will feature high-energy lighting and music immersing guests in an underwater, bioluminescent experience.

SeaWorld Expansions 2017 Seven Seas Festival

Starting in February, SeaWorld serves up a 14-weekend combo platter of all their popular music and food events. This expanded Seven Seas Festival will feature culinary and cultural experiences from Asia, the Caribbean, South America and the Mediterranean along with a variety of local and seasonal craft brews.

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