Mako at SeaWorld Orlando is Sharktastic!

Mako at SeaWorld Ride Sign

By David Sibila
The newest roller coaster to join the roster of thrilling rides in Orlando is SeaWorld's amazing coaster experience, Mako. Infamous among the seas for being big, fast and fearless, the Mako shark has taken on a new form as the tallest, fastest roller coaster in Orlando, which is sure to give thrill seekers everywhere another reason to #LoveOrlando.

Staying true to the qualities of this mysterious ruler of the seas, the coaster stands at a staggering 200 feet with a nearly mile-long track and reaches speeds of up to 73 mph (117.5 kph) promises thrill your senses and take your breath away.

Quick Tip: If you ride the front seats are for thrill seekers for a feeling of faster speeds and a better view of where the ride takes you. The middle to back seats is great if you love that feeling of floating on air!

Mako at SeaWorld Skark Wreck Reef

This record-breaking new coaster isn't the only thing the theme park has cooked up for the summer. Mako's surrounding realm is fully themed to sharks, inspiring guests to learn more about this mysterious species which needs our help to survive.

Mako at SeaWorld Shark Encounter

This two-acre area built around the park's classic attraction, Shark Encounter, interactive games and learning centers along with the Sharks Underwater Grill where guests can dine while observing sharks in their habitat. 

Mako at SeaWorld Guy Harvey Painting

Internationally acclaimed marine wildlife artist Guy Harvey brought Mako to life in his majestic 16-feet by 24-feet mural in Shark Wreck Reef. This mural is the newest and largest addition to SeaWorld Orlando's growing collection of Harvey's murals, some of which are for sale on site with a portion of the profits being donated to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to support ocean health and shark research efforts.

SeaWorld Shark Touch Pool

Also added in the Wild Arctic area of the park is a brand new Shark Touch Pool, giving guests the chance to learn about and interact with brown-banded bamboo sharks, white-spotted bamboo sharks, and epaulette sharks.

Mako at SeaWorld Summer of Mako

With the opening of this new attraction, SeaWorld is kicking off a Summer of Mako from June 10 - August 7. The all-new event includes interactive games, new animal experiences and limited edition summertime treats.

Guests up for the Mako Challenge can make a difference by participating in a park wide text message-based scavenger hunt. Those who complete the Mako Challenge will have $1 donated to the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund on their behalf, benefiting a variety of conservation projects all over the world.

Shark Facts from Sea World:

  1. Sharks live all over the world, from warm, tropical lagoons to polar seas. Some even inhabit freshwater lakes and rivers!
  2. Sharks are fishes. Like other fishes, sharks are cold-blooded, have fins, live in the water, and breathe with gills. A shark's skeleton is made of cartilage.
  3. A shark's fusiform (rounded and tapering at both ends) body shape reduces drag and requires minimum energy to swim.
  4. Sharks eat far less than most people imagine. Cold-blooded animals have a much lower metabolism than warm-blooded animals. In fact, in a zoological environment, a shark eats about 1-10% of its total body weight each week. Studies on sharks in the wild show similar food intake.
  5. Only 32 (of roughly 350) shark species have ever been known to attack people. Like other wild animals, most sharks would rather avoid you. Sharks that have attacked probably mistook people for food or may have attacked to protect their territory.
  6. Unlike bony fish, sharks teeth are not anchored in their jaw and sharks often lose teeth, especially when feeding. Sharks are equipped with three or more rows of teeth, so when a tooth is lost another tooth quickly replaces it. A single shark may have as many as 30,000 teeth throughout the course of its life.

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Written by David Sibila, Senior Manager of Content and Social Media for Visit Orlando. He's a TV producer turned content and social media strategist, hands-on dad and a casualty of four rescued pets.


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