Universal Reveals New Details About Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Universal's Skull Island Great Wall Rendering

By David Sibila
The shroud of secrecy has been pulled back and Universal Orlando has released storyline details about their new attraction under construction at Universal's Islands of Adventure - Skull Island: Reign of Kong. For fans of Kong who yearn for his former ride at Universal Studios Florida, today's details about the mega attraction scheduled to open this summer hints at an experience that will be well worth the wait.

Universal's Skull Island Great Wall Construction

The 3-D attraction begins at a remote campsite on a mysterious island alive with strange and prehistoric creatures. An expedition aboard a specially designed vehicle moves deeper into the island, to the beat of distant native drums, through ancient ruins towards a temple with a towering wall.

Universal's Skull Island Ride Vehicle Rendering

The gates to the temple open to expose a labyrinth of caves. Once inside the caves a raging struggle ensues between massive creatures. They then turn their focus on the credulous riders until an even larger creature is revealed - Kong.

But is Kong here to help? That's the extent of storyline that Universal has disclosed.

Universal's Skull Island Construction Sign

Skull Island: Reign of Kong is scheduled to open this summer inside Universal's Islands of Adventure - one of two theme parks located at Universal Orlando Resort. Stay tuned for more details as they are released to us.

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Written by David Sibila, Senior Manager of Content and Social Media for Visit Orlando. He's a TV producer turned content and social media strategist, hands-on dad and a casualty of four rescued pets.


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