Big Bugs Has Landed at Leu Gardens in Orlando

Leu Gardens Big Bugs Ant

By David Sibila
It's true that Florida bugs sometimes come extra-large, but for a limited time bugs that are larger than life have landed at Leu Gardens near downtown Orlando. The latest buzz in the botanical park is an exhibit of giant insect sculptures on display, now through April 15, 2016.

Big Bugs is a traveling exhibit featuring different insects and other arthropods. The display teaches visitors the difference between different species of spiders and insects.

Leu Gardens Big Bugs Lady Bug

The massive sculptures, some of which are a whopping 12 feet high, are all made from wood using a variety of different trees, branches and saplings.

Leu Gardens Big Bugs Praying Mantis

While strolling along the meandering paths through the gardens, be on the lookout for giant ants, dragonflies and ladybugs. And don't forget to look up. There may be a gargantuan spider above your head.

Leu Gardens Big Bugs Spider

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Written by David Sibila, Senior Manager of Content and Social Media for Visit Orlando. He's a TV producer turned content and social media strategist, hands-on dad and a casualty of four rescued pets.


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