SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular Is Whimsical Fun for Little Ones in Orlando

SeaWorld Spooktacular Tall Sea Creatures

From the scary to the not so scary, Halloween in Orlando offers something for everyone in the family. Families seeking Halloween treats for their little ones can enjoy whimsical, undersea fun every weekend in October at SeaWorld Orlando's Halloween Spooktacular.

SeaWorld Spooktacular Sign

The mastermind behind this enchanted Halloween event is SeaWorld Orlando Production Manager, Muffett Baker and she has created this annual event with her younger guests in mind.

"This is a great event that is geared toward small, small children. It's very fun, there's nothing scary about it. The event takes place from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. each day of the event, so that they're wide awake and ready to go," she says.

SeaWorld Spooktacular Character Meet and Greet

The biggest benefit, according to Baker, is that the Halloween activities are included with regular park admission. "Guests get to come to the park, enjoy all of the shows and attractions, plus get the added bonus of coming over and enjoying the Spooktacular event," she says.

SeaWorld Spooktacular Bayside Pathway

The park's special event area, Bayside Pathway, is transformed with bright colors, themed fish characters, and bubbles along the path and overhead to give guests the feeling of being underwater.

SeaWorld Spooktacular Lemonhead Candy Station

The most important activity for this Halloween event is trick-or-treating, according to Baker. "We have lots of opportunities for that. We have an assortment of different candies and different candy stations guests can go and visit as many times as they like."

SeaWorld Spooktacular Candy Station Sign

Because the event is limited to one area of the park, the kids can snatch up a ton of candy treats with relative amount of ease while still leaving time to enjoy the rest of the Spooktakular activities.

"The most important tip I can give is to not stop at the first candy station. Everybody does. Go ahead and skip it, visit some of the other stations and come back to it later in the day," says Baker.

SeaWorld Spooktacular Sea Creature

Throughout the event, guests will encounter sea-themed creatures that are a twist on traditional Halloween themed costumes with designs that are over-the-top, colorful and shimmering. "The first time a child comes in contact with a giant fish, they are in awe. It's big. It's colorful and their face lights up," Baker says.

SeaWorld Spooktacular Penelope's Party Zone

The Bayside stadium is transformed into the Penelope's Party Zone where kids can dance, interact with more characters and take part in a variety of arts and crafts projects.

SeaWorld Spooktacular Crafts

Baker also recommends hanging around until the sun goes down when the party really comes alive. "At the end of the night we have the Spooktacular Dance Party. It's at the front of the park. On your way out and it's where you can see all of the characters again and do plenty of line dancing, both kids and adults alike," she says.

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