8 Shades of Fun Not to Miss at the New Crayola Experience Orlando

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Grab your box of crayons and get ready to explore a larger-than-life, color wheel of fun with a full assortment of colorful activities for the whole family at the new Crayola Experience Orlando, now open at The Florida Mall. From Razzmatazz to Screamin' Green, discover all there is to do with every hue under the Florida sun in this bright, new attraction in Orlando.

With 25 brand new hands-on activities, we've selected eight shades of fun not to miss that will make your time at Crayola Experience Orlando a little more vibrant.

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#1. Color at Your Own Pace
Crayola Experience Orlando can be a full-day, family activity all for an inclusive admission price. Unscheduled and unfettered, you may roam the 25 attractions as you please. Upon entering, you will receive two coins, one for the clay at Modeling Madness and one for the crayon at Wrap It Up! If you want more coins for more creations, you can get them for just $.50.

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#2. Customize Your Crayon
At Wrap It Up! put your Crayola coin to good use by customizing an authentic Crayola label and wrapping your personalized crayon. Our advice is to make this attraction your last stop. That way, you can take some time to get the creative juices flowing before you name your crayon.

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#3. Stop & Sculpt
Reveal your inner Michelangelo at Modeling Madness, where you can sculpt colorful creations with Crayola's unique fluffy compound. Use your Crayola coin and make your vision come to life. But heads up, your visions need time to dry so let them sit overnight.

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#4. Make 4D Magic
At Color Magic, turn your coloring page into a real-life 4D experience. Our favorite part was taking selfies with our artwork!

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#5. Explore Orlando Originals
Crayola Experience only has two locations - Easton, Pennsylvania and Orlando. Two of our favorite attractions, Scribble Square and You Design, are unique to the Orlando location.

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#6. Create Art with a Twist
Crayola Experience Orlando puts a spin on classic crayon creations - literally, a spin. Visit Drip Art and create a unique swirly masterpiece with melted crayon wax. This process takes about 5 minutes and if you're with a little one make sure they have a distraction so they don't become impatient.

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#7. Pick Your Pack 
While you're immersed in all things Crayola, don't forget to stop by the Crayola retail store. Explore the largest selection of Crayola products, personalize your own 2lb crayons or turn your creative masterpieces into wearable works of art. Our favorite feature was the "Pick Your Pack" wall, where you can create your own custom crayon assortment from 99 of Crayola's most popular colors.

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#8. Bring a Bag
During your time at Crayola Experience Orlando you will likely accumulate quite the collection of handmade mementos. For easy transportation and storage, we recommend that you bring a bag to keep track of your treasures.

Play with all of the primary and secondary colors that makes up the full Crayola Experience. To fuel your fun, grab a bite at Café Crayola. Crayola Experience Orlando is open daily from 10:00 a.m.-8:00p.m. Tickets are available for purchase online, and general admission in $19.99 per person or you can invest in an annual pass for just $29.99.

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