Barnie's CoffeeKitchen Serves up More than Gourmet Coffee in Orlando

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Take your tastes buds on a ride that goes way beyond a fresh cup of joe at Barnie's Coffee Kitchen in the heart of Winter Park near downtown Orlando. Since 1980, this iconic establishment has been more than your typical coffee shop. Chef Camilo Velasco has created a delicious dining experience that will delight all of your senses and be well worth the visit during your stay in Orlando.

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Serving up the their well-known Barnie's brand coffee and espresso beverages, they have kicked the dining experience up a notch with specialty coffee that is microroasted on-site and paired with fresh, farm-to-table cuisine. The Orlando based company has their coffees going across the nation onto retail and grocery shelves,, restaurants and of course in their own Zagat-award winning retail cafés.

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This spring Chef Velasco has come up with an all-new menu that is pairs up with your senses perfectly for this wonderful time of year. At Barnie's the apps are known as, "Firsts" and your dinner selections are called "Seconds." Each dish on the menu is inspired by local farms and the flavors of the Coffee Belt and to top it off, each is paired up with just the right wine. For your chance to get a taste, dinner is served up every Thursday- Saturday each week.

Here are some of our personal favorite "Firsts" served.

Barnies CoffeeKitchen Beet and Quinoa Salad 544x350

The refreshing Beet and Quinoa Salad was a tasty combo. This "First" consists of roasted beets with golden quinoa, pickled carrots and a sherry-paprika vinaigrette. To make things even more exciting, this dish is paired with a glass of Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio.

See How to Make the Beet and Quinoa Salad

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The Florida Snapper Ceviche was a delight. The ceviche was delicious, the Florida snapper had just the right amount of citrus, the pickled strawberry and basil pollen on top added just the right amount of savory with a hint of sweet. Perfectly paired with this dish was a glass of Dr. Thanisch Riesling.

On to the "Seconds" that we enjoyed the most on the menu.

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The Pan Roasted Florida Swordfish was full of flavor - fish was browned and caramelized, the chimichurri, corn and chorizo jam added just the right amount of sweetness to the savory fish. This meal is also paired with a glass of Dr. Thanisch Riesling.

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The Rabbit Ragu was a delicious spring time dish with peas that were garden fresh. Alongside this plate was a glass of Vina Bujanda Rioja Crianza. 

And we even saved some room for dessert...

Barnies CoffeeKitchen Berries with Mascarpone 544x350

Not only did it look good but the Berries with Mascarpone Cheese tasted good as well. The toasted pine nuts and Florida mangrove honey add just the right mix of sweet and savory. Such a refreshing way to finish a meal.

Barnies CoffeeKitchen Chocolate Pudding 544x350

If you are into pudding, you have to try the Chocolate Pudding. Take the house-made espresso syrup and pour it on top. You're sure to love it!

These spring inspired farm to table dishes were so refreshing, light and breezy.

You and your family are in for a treat because there is something for every food craving in Orlando. See why dining in Orlando can be a thrill ride for your taste buds. Just come hungry!

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