Escapology: The Pressure Is on to Solve Orlando's Newest Attraction

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Escapology has come to Orlando! What is Escapology you ask? Our group was asking the same question as we walked through the doors of what looked like a large storefront on International Drive in Orlando. But open the doors and an antique filled room with maps on the walls awaits. An Explorers Club of sorts right in the heart of the lovely Piazza Roma Shopping Plaza.

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We all got comfortable on the leather couches as our head escapologist was describing how each of our teams (up to 5 players) would work together to find clues, solve puzzles and discover the key to the escape door within 60 minutes.

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One of three games have been developed by Escapology, The Escape Game Company: The Cuban Crisis, Shanghaied and soon the Arizona Shootout. Our game was loosely-but very authentically--based on The Cuban Missile Crisis.

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First we watched a video where we were instructed that we needed to get in and out of Fidel Castro's compound with some top secret information before his return-in one hour, natch! Once we were given our instructions-which still had us scratching our heads-we were ushered into a room and locked in (there's a key inside for those who might feel claustrophobic).

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But while we scouted out the room of locked boxes, maps, and all kinds of objects that could be clues we set off to solve the puzzles. Tip: We worked in teams. When two of us were coming up with a dead end, we enlisted our co-conspirators to look at it-hopefully in a different way-which worked splendidly!

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Photo courtesy of David Martin (@Fox35David)

Also, if you're really stumped, our head escapologist was watching from outside the door via video and could sense when we needed a nudge. But finally, one room after the other to the next we solved the clues. I don't want to give too much away, but we did get out before Fidel's return-with only minutes to spare. We worked as a team and had fun in the process.

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In Shanghaied, groups must escape the clutches of Captain Kellett and the Arizona Shootout will put groups to the test on figuring out who the outlaws are before they escape to Mexico. Great for families (they suggest kids over 7), teambuilding groups and pals!

A great way to spend an hour!

Price per person is $28 and there are also group discounts.

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