Manta vs. Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando: Which Is Your Favorite?

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From the serene to the extreme, SeaWorld Orlando has something for everyone. Today we honor the park's two biggest, baddest rides - Manta and Kraken. Take a joy ride with us to experience the intensity and thrills of both roller coasters POV style.

We've created a point-of-view video for each ride. We'll show you every twist and turn while you fly high above the Orlando landscape. We've also added some fast facts for each ride along the way.

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Manta is the only flying roller coaster of its kind in the world. You are seated in a head-first, face-down position. The ride track is smooth creating the sensation of gliding like a giant ray as you fly in an inverted nosedive.

Manta Fast Facts:

  • Date Opened: May 22, 2009
  • 32 passengers per train
  • 12 ft wingspan
  • Maximum Height 141 ft
  • Maximum G-Force 3.7
  • 2 inline twists
  • Ride Length 3,359ft
  • Ride Time 2 minutes 36 seconds
  • 4 inversions


Kraken is Orlando's only floorless roller coaster. Roller coaster enthusiasts constantly rank this ride as one of the world's top floorless steal coasters in the world. Your feet dangle as you sit in open-sided seats, riding on a pedestal above the track.

Kraken Fast Facts:

  • Date Opened: June 1, 2000
  • 32 passengers per train
  • Maximum Height 149 ft
  • Maximum G-Force 3.9
  • 7 Inversions
  • Ride Length 4,177 ft
  • Ride Time 2 minutes 2 seconds
  • 2 vertical loops
  • Top Speed 65 mph

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