Burgushi: Cowfish’s Creative Menu Hits Universal CityWalk Orlando

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Food lovers mount up on the Cowfish for some unique treats that are sure to delight your taste buds. The new Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is the only place in Orlando where you can find gourmet burgers served alongside fresh rolled sushi. This novel concept restaurant adds their creative flavors to the variety of tasty thrills already available to guests at Universal CityWalk Orlando.

Cowfish's somewhat unexpected menu selections, which includes a fusion of burger and sushi called Burgushi, completes the new line up of dining options that have been in the works at CityWalk since originally announced a year ago.

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The Cowfish Orlando Buttercup 544x350

Guests are welcomed by a real cowfish swimming in a giant bowl of Asian noodles. And by the way, her name is Buttercup.

The Cowfish Orlando Condiments 544x350

Where else can you expect to see soy sauce, Sriracha, ketchup and mustard all on the same table?

The Cowfish Orlando Bento Box 544x350

You'll want all four when you order the combo bento box featuring a mini-burger, sushi, Thai cucumbers and edamame.

The Cowfish Orlando Sushi Roll 544x350

You can find all your traditional sushi faves comingling with fusion specialties that include unconventional sushi ingredients like sautéed beef, ergo the Burgushi.

The Cowfish Orlando Burger 544x350

The burgers are over the top with fresh ingredients and yummy toppings that will make your mouth say Cowfish, Cowfish, Cowfish all the way home.

The Cowfish Orlando Specialty Cocktails 544x350

And then there are the specialty cocktails creations. The extensive drink options reflect the same creative mixology with unique flavors found in the North Carolina home of the restaurant's owners.

The Cowfish Orlando Touch Screens 544x350

The Cowfish experience adds to Orlando's family dining thrills from it's one-of-a-kind menu, interactive screens to great views of CityWalk.

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From the most serious of foodies to the most casual of diners, you're in for a treat because Orlando has plenty of delicious options to satisfy every taste and budget. See all the surprising dining options Orlando has to offer. From theme park dining and dinner shows to from farm-fresh and gourmet we suggest that you just come hungry!

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