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Arabian NightsAs summer temperatures heat up in Orlando, why not cool down at one of the many dinner shows in the area. From swashbuckling swordplay to handsprings on horseback, Orlando's dinner shows serve up an entertaining dining experience with options for the whole family.

Fairy tales come to life on horseback at Arabian Nights (pictured) with more than 60 horses and 40 performers showcasing incredible stunts and elaborate costumes.

Take the whole gang and laugh it up at Capone's Dinner & Show, which combines standup comedy and musical numbers in a show about mobsters in the early thirties.

Join in the celebration at the Makahiki Luau at SeaWorld, a Polynesian festival featuring the Pacific Islands' ancient customs, rhythmic music and dance, authentic costumes and cuisine.

At Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, enjoy hearty fare within an 11th century European-style castle where heroic knights display athletic feats and thrilling swordplay on spirited horses.

While visiting WonderWorks, don't miss the hilarious Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show that combines high-energy comedy with spectacular magic to entertain audiences of all ages.

Set sail on the high seas at Pirate's Dinner Adventure where diners of all ages can enjoy a pirate feast while watching the aerial artistry, swashbuckling swordplay and dynamic duels of a classic good vs. evil story. 

For the older ones, experience a night of mystery, improv and comedy at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows as you become the detective to solve a crime during a three-course dinner (complete with a "mystery" dessert).

Participate in one of the most famous dinner parties in history, Titanic Dinner Event, celebrating the retirement of Titanic's legendary Captain Smith.

Orlando's newest dining experience for adults, Treasure Tavern, features a three-course meal along with comedians, acrobats and dancing rum girls.

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