Float, Fly and Soar Above Orlando

If you're vacationing in Orlando this week and want to experience something truly special, think big. Really big. Then imagine floating. Flying. And soaring. Can you picture it? Well, you'll be able to if you book a flight on the Farmers Airship, the largest passenger airship - please don't call it a "blimp" - in the United States. Technically, it's a Zeppelin and 15-feet longer than a Boeing 747 or 50-feet longer than a blimp. We're talking huge.

Farmers Airship

The Farmers Airship is docking at the Orlando Executive Airport as part of a 24-state "Covering Communities Tour." The public is invited May 11-12 - weather permitting - for tours aboard the airship. These tours range from 45-minutes to 90-minutes and offer a panoramic view of the Orlando area and the surrounding attractions. And get your cameras ready, as you're bound to shoot some of the most unique Orlando photos.

The cost is $375-750 per person, plus taxes. Corporate and private charters, as well as custom routes, are also available. To book your tour, call Airship Ventures at 650-969-8100 ext. 111 or send an email to reservations@airshipventures.com. You can also track the Farmers Airship as she arrives and flies above Orlando.


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