Orlando Rewards Travelers With Vacation Makeovers

Earlier this year, we were on the hunt to find five travelers* who desperately needed a "vacation makeover," and we asked them to share their stories of their most challenging vacation planning issues. In return, we'd award them a dream trip to Orlando that solved their previous vacation challenges, complete with tailored expert advice from Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom.

After two months of searching and reading more than 4,000 entries, we found our lucky Vacation Makeover winners, who will be embarking on their one-of-a-kind Orlando vacations soon. Stay tuned to see how their experience unfolds. 

Congrats to the following winners! We're looking forward to making over your vacation.

Vacation Makeover: Davidson family

Roberta Davidson: Sisters from Gilbert, Arizona, whose husbands have a different idea of what's a fun vacation for their families.

Vacation Makeover: Iris and friends

Iris Renoux: A group of girlfriends from Santa Monica, California, with varying interests that can't find the time to get away as a group and want to have one last hurrah before settling down.

Vacation Makeover: Montgomery family

Jerome Montgomery: A single father from Dayton, Ohio, whose kids haven't been on a real vacation.

Vacation Makeover: Winowich family

Michelle Winowich: A family of six from Troy, Michigan, including twin girls that have different interests.

Vacation Makeover: Hutchins family

Krista Hutchins: A family of five from Chester, Virginia, who've grown tired of their annual drive to the beach trip.

Want to win an Orlando Vacation Makeover*? Tell us your story at VisitOrlando.com/Makeover by May 26. Or create your own customized Orlando vacation with our newly enhanced planning tools.

*Entrants must be at least 21 years old and be a legal resident of USA or Canada.


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