Orlando Food Truck Bazaar

Cupcakes for dinner? Um, yes, please.

Yum Yum

Last night was the first "Orlando Food Truck Bazaar" (presented by TheDailyCity.com) in downtown Orlando where food trucks from across Orlando -- including the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck -- gathered together to celebrate Orlando's growing gourmet food truck scene.

And celebrate we did with yummy cupcakes, gourmet mac ‘n cheese from The Crooked Spoon and delicious creations from the Korean BBQ Taco Box. From international and American cuisine to vegan and meat-lovers delights, the food truck bazaar featured a variety of culinary options...all from the side of a truck.

Food Truck

For the date of the next food truck extravaganza or to see a guide of the food trucks in Orlando, check out The Daily City's website.


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