Visit Orlando Logo Spotted in NBC’s “30 Rock”

Earlier this month, we launched the Visit Orlando new logo and had to laugh when we spotted Tina Fey's character sporting a fanny pack stamped with one of our old logos on an episode of NBC's "30 Rock."

Tina Fey

The popular sitcom follows the topsy-turvy life of "Liz Lemon" (played by Tina Fey), head writer for a variety show. To set the scene for the episode "It's Never Too Late For Now," Liz has just experienced a break-up. Donning a chip-bag clip as a hair piece, a "New York" baggy sweatshirt and a fanny pack showcasing our beloved "ORLANDO" logo, she is determined to embrace spinsterhood (complete with an adopted cat who she names "Emily Dickinson").

Boy, have we come a long way since our multi-colored logo adorned tacky tourist attire.

Visit Orlando logo


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