The Peabody Orlando: A New Take on ‘V.I.P. Treatment’

They have it all - a $100,000 penthouse, special elevator access, red carpet entrance, paparazzi followings, delectable cuisine and even their own butler.

So what does it take to make it on the V.I.P. list at The Peabody Orlando?

Red carpet at The Peabody Orlando

For starters, big bills. Maybe a little outspoken. But most importantly, a waddle.

Yes, these V.I.P.s, or Very Important Poultry, play an important role at The Peabody as they carry out (or waddle out) one of the most unique and loved traditions in Orlando - the Peabody Duck March.

Twice daily, five mallards, led by their very own "Duck Master," descend from their Royal Duck Palace and entertain hotel guests as they scramble down the red carpet to reach their morning and afternoon meals at the Duck Fountain in the Mallard Tower.

See for yourself why this special V.I.P. treatment will have you quackin' up.


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