Visit Orlando provides quarterly "Organizational Highlights" to Orange County that cover department-level updates, as well as insights from the travel and tourism industry.

Organizational Highlights


1st Quarter (362 KB)
2nd Quarter (390 KB)
3rd Quarter (354 KB)


1st Quarter (700 KB)
2nd Quarter (740 KB)
3rd Quarter (581 KB)
4th Quarter (380 KB)


1st Quarter (369 KB)
2nd Quarter (170 KB)
3rd Quarter (160 KB)
4th Quarter (100 KB)

Financial Statements

Visit Orlando is dedicated to transparently reporting the allocation of Tourist Development Tax dollars we receive from our marketing contract with Orange County. 


1st Quarter Financial Statements (104 KB)
2nd Quarter Financial Statements (101 KB)
3rd Quarter Financial Statements (102 KB)

Annual Budget (112 KB)


1st Quarter Financial Statements (100 KB)
2nd Quarter Financial Statements (740 KB)
3rd Quarter Financial Statements (104 KB)
4th Quarter Financial Statements (108 KB)

2020 Form 990 (948 KB)

2020 Audited Financials (238 KB)